Adonis AM-708E

Microphone Base.

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Avera p/n ADO AM708E
Brand Adonis
Type Adonis AM-708E
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Category (TRX/RX) Accessories
Sub Category Microphones: Desk/Table Type
Packing Length (cm) 19
Packing Width (cm) 17
Packing Heigth (cm) 26
Packing Weight in grams 1140
Packing Type Box
Packing QTY in Master Carton 6
Statistical Number 85181030
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◾ Selectable for 2 sets of transceivers at once by slide switch.◾ High Sensitivity Electret Condenser Microphone Element equipped.◾ High Quality Compressor Amplifier ( High - Low selectable ) built-in. It sends out always constant and optimum level without distortion regardless of audio input level.
◾ Equipped with FM/SSB Audio Quality Selector Switch for optimum operation.The Electret Condenser Microphone ensure the clearer voice quality in FM condition and ensure the better voice quality in the SSB condition.
◾ Non-Modulation Prevention Circuit built-in.After continuous transmitting for a few minutes, the alarm circuit will be activated with alarm sound for 30 seconds.Then, the condition returns to receiving mode automatically.
◾ Battery-Check Circuit built-in.Turn the power switch on ( by selecting FM or SSB position ), and the level meter indicates the battery condition with power voltage for a few seconds.
◾ Connectable with the microphone interconnecting cable provided with power feeding line. ( ADONIS terminal arrangement indicates it as B in the center of connector.)
◾ Usable with microphone cable equipped with power feeding line ( D series cables ).
◾ You can choose the power source from dry batteries ( UM 3 x 2 ) or transceiver ( microphone connector DC 5 - 9V/20mA minimum).

NOTE: This type of table microphone will only operate on a transceiver that has RX-Audio without a microphone plugged in.

◾ Microphone : High Sensitivity Electret Condenser Mic.
◾ IC : 2 pieces
◾ Transistor : 20 pieces
◾ Diode : 13 pieces
◾ Compressor Level : HIGH : 45dB LOW : 35dB
◾ Output Voltage : COMP : 0 - 30 mV ( RMS ) MANUAL : 0 - 70 mV ( RMS )
◾ Matching Output Impedance : 500 ohms - 100k ohms
◾ Power Voltage : Battery : DC 3 V ( UM3 x 2 pieces )Not included
Mic. Cable D series : DC 5 - 9 V
◾ Current Consumption : at Receiving : 3 mA, Transmitting : 6 mA ( approx )
◾ Alarm sound : approx. 4.5KHz Intermittent Tone
◾ Flexible ( Gooseneck ) Pipe : � 8mm, ( Length : 150mm )
◾ External Size : 182 (W) x 130 (D) x 322 (H) mm
◾ Weight : approx 750 g ( Not included dry battery

1 Pc of Microphone

D6MY = Cable to connect this Micro to a YAESU Transceiver with 6PC6 (RJ12) Connection.
D8Mi = Cable to connect this Micro to a ICOM Transceiver with RJ45 Micro Connection.
D8MK = Cable to connect this Micro to a KENWOOD Transceiver with 8PC8 (RJ45) Micro Connection.
D8MY = Cable to connect this Micro to a YAESU Transceiver with RJ45 Micro Connection.
D8P4S9 = Cable to connect this Micro to a MAGNUM S9 Transceiver with P4 Micro Connection.
D8P6PR1 = Cable to connect this Micro to a PRESIDENT Transceiver with P6 Micro Connection.
D80 = Cable with 8-Pin Connector at one end for this micro and wires to solder a Connector that is needed for a type of transceiver.
D88i = Cable to connect this Micro to a ICOM Transceiver with P8 Micro Connection.
D88K = Cable to connect this Micro to a KENWOOD Transceiver with P8 Micro Connection.
D88Y2 = Cable to connect this Micro to a YAESU Transceiver with 8PC8 (RJ45) Micro Connection.


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