Scanner Portable, 1000 Memory Channels, Frequency Range 0.1 - 1299.995MHz, AM/FM/WFM

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Compact design (only 220g or 400 gram with battery and antenna), fits easily into pocket or purse
Receives 100 KHz to 1.3 GHz
Triple conversion AM/NFM; double conversion WFM
AM/FM/WFM modes selectable
1,000 memory channels in 10 banks; banks can be expanded up to 50 using a free downloadable, easy-to-program editor software
Remote-control and AUX capability with the optional EDS-12 cable
Five scan modes: Preset, programmed, memory, VFO and tone scan operating modes
Memory-skip setting in the memory mode and search-pass setting
Priority receive (stores up to 10ch priority channels in memory)
Internal AA battery lets you operate almost a full day!
Three different antenna modes - earphone antenna, internal bar-antenna, and external SMA antenna; an optional external base-antenna can also be connected to the SMA port.
Auto or 16 different channel-steps to chose from 2-Way Key-lock
Key-touch beep (on/off selectable), 39-tone Tone squelch, Attenuator (approx 20dB), Battery-save, Auto-Power-Off, Cable-clone, Monitor/Mute functions are just some examples of extremely loaded functions a DJ-X30 offers at no extra charge!
Pager (bell) function alerts you with a beep and an icon when a signal is received
Optional adapter can operate the receiver while simultaneously charging the Ni-MH AA cells.
Large, illuminated LCD screen capable of up to 6-digit alphanumeric display
Analog inversion-scramble decoder

Receiver range: 0.100 - 1299.995 MHz (Cellular frequencies 824.000 - 849.995MHz, 869.000 - 894.995MHz blocked on T models )
Antenna Impedance: 50 ohm (SMA)
Supply voltage: DC 2.4V - 3.0V (Internal battery) DC 5.4V - 6.0V (external regulated source)
Ground: Negative ground
Current consumption: Reception:approx.140mA, Battery save(1:4)approx.26mA
Temperature range: -10 to +60 digC ( +14 to +140 digF)
Frequency stability: -7 to +3ppm(-10 to +60 digC)(+14 to +140 digF)
Dimension: 58(W) x99 (H) x32 (D) mm (Projections exclusive) 
Approx. 220g or 7.1oz (antenna and AA batteries inclusive) 
Triple-conversion super heterodyne (NFM,AM), Double-conversion super heterodyne (WFM)
1st IF: 243.95 MHz
2nd IF: 39.15 MHz (NFM,AM) ,10.7MHz (WFM)
3rd IF: 450 kHz (NFM,AM)
Selectivity: AM/FM -6dB/12 kHz or more , -60dB/35kHz or less, WFM -6dB/130kHz or more, -60dB/300kHz or more
Audio Output power: More than 100mW (8ohm)
Sensitivities (typical value, not a guaranteed value through-out the bands):
FM (12dB SINAD) 30 - 470MHz : -15dBu (0.17uV) 470MHz or higher : -7dBu (0.45uV)
WFM (12dB SINAD) 76 - 470MHz : -6dBu (0.5uV) 470MHz or higher : -3dBu (0.7uV)
AM (10dB S/N) 0.1 - 50MHz : -1dBu (0.89uV) 50MHz or higher : -6dBu (0.5uV)

Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation. Cellular frequencies blocked on USA model. Unblocked versions available with proper documentation for authorized users only.

Standard accessory:
Instruction manual / Whip antenna (EA-154) / face-panel / rubber-cushion / 3 screws (1 pc for belt-clip, 2 pcs extra for face-panel)/ belt-clip / handstrap

Optional accessory:
EBP-57N Ni-MH rechargeable cell pack (1.2V 1800mA x 2pcs)
EDC-154A (120V) / 153E (230V) / 135EUK (230V UK plug) trickle stand charger
EDH-33 cigar-plug DC conversion cable (12Vdc/24Vdc to 6Vdc)
EME-26 (curl-cord) / EME-6 (straight-cord) Earphones
ESC-44 softcase
ERW-4C (serial-port) / ERW-7 (USB port) PC interface cable
EDS-12 remote-controller

RT66 = Splitter with 3.5 mm plug to connect 2 ear or headphones to 1 scanner.
EZ109Share = Splitter with 3.5 mm plug to connect 2 ear or headphones to 1 scanner.
• ZA135 = Racing Headset, Color BLACK. Volume Control on each Shell. Connector 3,5 mm Mono.