Alinco DJ-X7E *NLISP

Scanner Portable, Memory 1000 Channels, 0.1 - 1299.995MHz, AM/FM/WFM, Credit Card Size.
Antenna Connection: SMA-Female.

NLISP = No Longer In Stock Program (March 2019)
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Newest broadband receiver from Alinco.
Provides despite its incredibly compact credit card format a continuous frequency range from 100 kHz to 1300, and 1000 MHz memory channels.
The DJ-X7E is fitted with Li-Ion battery pack.

Features, Functions, Specifications:
Frequency range (reception) 0,1 - 1300 MHz
Operating Modes WFM/ NFM/ AM WFM / NFM / AM
Channel spacing 5 / 6,25 / 8,33 / 10 / 12,5 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 50 / 100 / 125 / 200 kHz
• Memory: 1000 channels
• LCD display with backlight
5 different scan modes
39 CTCSS Tones decoder and integrated CTCSS search for 39 CTCSS tones
10 Priority Channels can be defined
Integrated Descambler (decoded analog scrambling such as used by PMR-446 radios)
Multi-Antennen-System: integrated Ferritstick for AM reception, earphone cable or SMA antenna for FM Reception
8-digit S-meter display
Split and shift function (for relay operation)
Monitor Function
Mute Function
Memory skipping (certain channels can be excluded from the scan function)
Switchable keyboard lock
20dB antenna attenuator switchable
Ringing signal function provides information on activities
APO function
Battery-saving feature
Keyboard receipt tone
Clone Function
Jack for headphones / external speaker (2.5 mm)
Antenna connection SMA connector
Power supply: With battery pack EBP-58N or 3,7-6V DC externally 
Dimensions mm (WxHxD) 58 x 96 x 14.5
Weight in grams 102g (with battery)
1 Pc of Scanner

RT66 = Splitter with 3.5 mm plug to connect 2 ear or headphones to 1 scanner.
EZ109Share = Splitter with 3.5 mm plug to connect 2 ear or headphones to 1 scanner.
• ZA135 = Racing Headset, Color BLACK. Volume Control on each Shell. Connector 3,5 mm Mono.

ALINCO DJ X7E scanner, Li-Ion battery EBP-58N (600 mAh - 3.7 V), AC adapter EDC-128, SMA rubber helix antenna EA-133, earphones EME-25, Instructions