Alinco DR-MD520E

Transceiver VHF/UHF Mobile, Digital/Analog
• Frequency Range: VHF TX: 144 - 146 MHz 
• Frequency Range: UHF TX: 430 - 440 MHz 
• Frequency Range: VHF RX: 108 - 137 MHz (AM)
• Frequency Range: VHF RX: 136 - 174 MHz 
• Frequency Range: UHF RX: 400 - 480 MHz
• Channel Spacing: Digital 12,5 KHz and Analog 12,5/25 KHz
• Modulation Modes: FM 
• Max Output Power: VHF 55 Watt and UHF 40 Watt
• Power Supply: 13,8 Volt DC
• Antenna Connector: UHF-Female
• Audio Accessory Jack: RJ-45

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Avera p/n ALIN DRMD520E
Brand Alinco
Type Alinco DR-MD520E
Barcode 4969182341324
Category ALINCO Products
Sub Category ALINCO Transceivers HAM
Packing Length (cm) 32
Packing Width (cm) 21
Packing Heigth (cm) 7
Packing Weight in grams 1815
Packing Type Box
Packing QTY in Master Carton 10
Statistical Number 85256000
Origin Japan
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The Alinco DR-MD520 Tier 1/2 DMR transceiver features Built-in GPS receivers with APRS support, automatic repeater roaming.
The T version covers 145/222/440MHz while E version covers 144/430MHz bands. It is also capable of monitoring civil aviation, FM radio and VHF/UHF utility bands. DR-MD520 offers land-mobile grade operations including:

Common features
• Output: 2-Meter 55 Watt / 1,25-Meter 5 Watt (T version only) / 70-CM 40 Watt
• 4000 channels, 250 zones, 250 scan lists
• Displays DMR ID, Call sign, Name and Geographical info
• Allows CSV export/import of setting parameters
• Easy import of DMR contact database (entire world wide)
• Single or dual channel selectable
• FM Broadcasting receiver with 100 memory channels and VFO
• Manually programmable Side and Hot keys.
• Automatic date and time calibration by GPS
• X-band repeat, Analog uplink/Digital downlink or vice versa (T-version only)
• Emergency alarm
• Mixed Mode Operation: Automatically detects and switches between analog and digital modes depending on the signal received
• Recording time 4 Hours

Digital mode
• 10,000 Talk Groups, 250 Radio ID, 500.000 contact lists
• Displays the Caller ID and name
• Selective calls including Individual, Group or All
• Digital Monitor function to receive signals without matching ID or color codes
• Plenty of Text Messages 100 pre-programmable short messages of up to 200 characters each, capable of editing through the keys without using a PC

Analog mode
• Variety of signaling; CTCSS/DCS/DTMF/2-TONE/5-TONE encode and decode
• Four different Tone-burst tones
• Programmable Auto Repeater Shift in VFO mode
• Kill & Stun functions

1 Pc of Transceiver
1 Pc of EMS-88 = Microphone with DTMF keyboard
1 Pc of ADFM78 = Mobile Bracket
1 Pc of ADUA38 = DC Cable with Fuse Holder
2 Pcs of Spare Fuses (15A)
1 Pc of Hardware Kit for Bracket
1 Pc of Mic Hanger
1 Pc of ERW-21 = PC Interface cable
1 Pc of EA-0289GPS-Anenna
1 Pc of User Manual in English.


EMS-88 = Microphone with DTMF keyboard
ADFM78 = Mobile Bracket
ADUA38 = DC Cable with Fuse Holder
ERW-21 = Pc Interface cable
EA-0289 = GPS-Anenna

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