Alinco EBP-34N *NLISP

Battery Pack, NiCad, 4.8 Volt, 1200 mAh.

Use for: Certain Alinco Types.

NLISP = No Longer In Stock Program (2018)
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Price End user EU € 9,999.00 incl. VAT/BTW/TVA
Price End user Non EU € 8,263.64 excl. VAT/BTW/TVA
Stock: Out of stock
Avera p/n:ALIN EBP34N
Type:Alinco EBP-34N *NLISP
Barcode:Not available
Category:Discontinued Products
Sub Category:Discontinued
Packing Length (cm):6
Packing Width (cm):9
Packing Heigth (cm):3
Packing Weight in grams:205
Packing Type:Box
Packing QTY in Master Carton:10
Statistical Number: 85073080
Origin:Not available
More information:
afbeeldingALIN EBP34N


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