Delta Electronics EC-1

Dynamic Microphone Amplifier
Includes Turbo Echo Box
Includes Roger Beep

Note:  Can not be used with electret type microphones

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Avera p/n DELTA EC1
Brand Delta Electronics
Type Delta Electronics EC-1
Barcode Not Available
Category (TRX/RX) Accessories
Sub Category Microphones: Accessories
Packing Length (cm) 23
Packing Width (cm) 14
Packing Heigth (cm) 7
Packing Weight in grams 395
Packing Type Box
Packing QTY in Master Carton 12
Statistical Number 85437030
Origin China
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Introducing to the market the Brand New Delta Electronics EC1 Dynamic Microphone Amplifier Box with TURBO Echo and Roger Beep!

Meticulously designed and created by a radio technician with 40 years of experience with the sole focus of bringing LOUD and Crystal Clear audio to ANY MICROPHONE, whether its your basic stock mic or your tired old power mic! The same people that brought the acclaimed DELTA M2 microphone!!

Plug your 4 pin mic right into the front and the EC1 will AMPLIFY your mic's audio to levels you never thought it could achieve! Add to it the EC1 Echo capability to give you that BIG BOOMING THEATER ECHO SOUND! All adjustable from its two front knobs for TURBO ECHO and Delay! Add also a on/off for ROGER BEEP!! Unkey that mic and you will hear the Roger Beep confirmation!

Small in size with a 12vdc cable included! Simply wire up with your mobile or base radio and experience audio you didn't think was possible outside of super expensive radios or mics 

Don't think of this as simply a Echo Chamber, that would make it too simplistic, its mic audio amplification is unlike anything else on the market and add with it the ROGER BEEP and the EC1 is in a class all on its own!

If you are unsure if your particular radio or mic is compatible with this unit please do not hesitate to message us!

Radio comes factory wired 4 pin Cobra with a  90 cm (3 feet) of 4 conductor shielded coil cord. 

* Will not work with 4 pin stock  electret or condenser microphones (ex. USA models Uniden 520/510 stock mics)
* No Roger beep function for 4 pin USA model Cobra 148's

1 Pc of Echo Box.
1 Pc of User Manual in English

CABLE 0010 = Mike Extension Cord P4, Spiral Cord with Connector P4-Male and P4-Female, Length 40 cm - 100 cm.

For Microphones with a 4-Pins Connector with Uniden/Cobra Wiring to others:
C4P4M = Adapter, Converts 4-Pin Male to 4-Pin Female with Midland Wiring
C4P5C = Adapter, Converts 4-Pin Male to 5-Pin Female with Cobra Wiring
C4P5DIN = Adapter, Converts 4-Pin Male to DIN-5 Female with Cobra Wiring
C4PHR5C = Adapter, Converts 4-Pin Male to 5-Pin Female with Lincoln/HR2510 Wiring
C4PRCI6 = Adapter, Converts 4-Pin Male to 6-Pin Female with Ranger/RCI Wiring
C4PDF6 = Adapter, Converts 4-Pin Male to 6-Pin Female with Magnum DeltaForce/President Wiring
CABLE 0008 = Microphone Adaptor Cable 4-Pin Male to 6-Pin Female with Uniden/President Wiring.


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