Scuba Console Deluxe Retractor, Snap Clip / Bracket Mount, force 680 gr (24 oz.), extension 81,2 cm (32 inch), Quick Connect II System at Retracting End.
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Packing Length (cm):21
Packing Width (cm):12
Packing Heigth (cm):3
Packing Weight in grams:145
Packing Type:Blister-1
Packing QTY in Master Carton:10
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Origin:United States of America
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Super Force models are necessary for the retractor to overcome the stiffness of the high-pressure hose.
This large locking versions allows you to tether your console at your hip, stomach or chest area.
Keeps you streamlined and your console is always right where you need it.
Built to Last: Designed to survive extended salt water and chlorine exposure
Sand and debris are flushed from unit when operated in water.
New Quick Connect-II System adds convenience and flexibility.

Nylon Coated Kevlar Line
Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware (Salt Water Proof)
Self Flushing (Patented System)
Extension 81,2 cm (32 inch)
Retraction Force 680 gr (24 oz)
Breaking Strength 36,2 kg (80 lbs.)
Locking Mechanism

Mounting System
Snap Clip / Bracket Mount:
Snap Clip: Attaches to D-ring.
Bracket: Sandwich webbing between retractor and bracket (in either direction). Screw bracket to retractor.
With bracket already attached to retractor, slide webbing through bracket.

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