MOBILE Omni-directional TV Antenna, Analog and Digital TV DVB-T, Diameter 370mm, 12V, Coax Cable 5 meter, Amplifier, Wall and Dashboard Mount, Adjustable Roof Mount.
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Avera p/n:GLOM C3779
Type:Glomex PANORAMA
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Category:DVB-T Antennas
Sub Category:TV Antennas Digital/Analog
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Compactness and aerodynamics are the features of this product. It is verified over the last twenty years of production. Now, thanks to the new antenna element, it has been possible to integrate in the interior the external dipoles of the low VHF frequencies. But the omnidirectional features of the antenna have been kept. Therefore orientation is not required. Thanks to the combination of six antennas, a high gain amplifier with low noise factor and power regulation, this antenna allows to receive all TV signals, including the signals of digital terrestrial television DVB-T.
The antenna is supplied with the accessories required for the installation: Five meter coax cable, Amplifier, TV cable, Wall or dashboard mount amplifier, roof mount adjustable in inclination.
Glomex innovative SHIFT system allows a quick and temporary installation, ensuring a fast and easy change from one vehicle to an other. The new suction pad mount T196 is adjustable in inclination and the pre-wiring of all the cables and connectors make a quick installation possible. Also in temporary operation, adding the cigarette lighter and adaptor ref.T197.

Angle of reception: 360 degrees
Frequency range: 40/890MHz
Noise Factor: 2.1db
Gain Average: 27.5db
Impedance: 75 Ohms
Amplifier adjustable gain
Power consumption: 45mA
Power Supply: 12V dc
Base diameter: 25mm.
Disc diameter: 370mm.
Height: 185mm.
Weight: 900grs.
TV Set Max: 2
Construction material: UV resistant ASA.
Termination: connectors F.

50023/98EC-T = Line Amplifier.
T199 = Adjustable Roofmount