Suction pad mount.

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Price End user EU € 9.999,00 incl. VAT/BTW/TVA
Price End user Non EU € 8.263,64 excl. VAT/BTW/TVA
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Avera p/n GLOM T196
Brand Glomex
Barcode Not Available
Category Discontinued Products
Sub Category Discontinued
Packing Length (cm) 27
Packing Width (cm) 27
Packing Heigth (cm) 15
Packing Weight in grams 1650
Packing Type Bulk
Packing QTY in Master Carton 4
Statistical Number 85299020
Origin Italy
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This suction pad mount must be used exclusively when the vehicle is not in movement. Before proceeding to the installation of the suction pad mount, choose with care the position where you desire to fix it. This suction pad mount must be used exclusively on clean, dry, smooth and not-porous surfaces. It suits both metallic surfaces and those in glass. If there is a temperatures range, higher than 10 degrees between the day and the night the adherence of the suction pad could be reduced till not to guarantee its estate of the support.


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