Atlantis 250/CE or JMC RTP1000 Transceiver Marine Portable VHF, IPX4, Including Charger, Cradle, Cigar Plug Cord, Rechargeable Battery Pack, Battery Holder, Belt Clip, Wrist Strap.
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Avera p/n:JMC RTP1000
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Packing Length (cm):16
Packing Width (cm):20
Packing Heigth (cm):8
Packing Weight in grams:930
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Packing includes:
Portable Transceiver JMC RTP1000, Cradle to hold transceiver, AC Adapter or Wall Charger, DC Adapter or Cigar plug cord, Rechargeable Batterypack NiMH, Battery Case to hold alkaline batteries (non rechargeable), Belt clip, Wrist strap, Mounting screws, Antenna SMA-Type, User Manual English.
User Manual Dutch is available (Atlantis 250/CE.

Waterproof IPX4 specifications, Marine Channels International, Emergency Channel 16 and 19 mode, Battery Level Display, Programmable Scan, Memory scan, Triple Watch, TX Power Select 1W or 5W, Channel select up or down, Key Lock on or off, Battery Save.

Special Features:
For user holding a valid license the dealer can program this device to have access to:
International Marine Channels
USA Marine Channels
Canada Marine Channels
Special Marine Channels (NL) 30, 31, (Scandinavia) L1, L2, L3, F1, F2, F3, (UK) M1.

* UNIDEN SM81 = Avera p/n UNI SM81, Speaker Mike.
To be used with Uniden Atlantis, Uniden Voyager, President PM-2000WP, President PM-1000WP, JMC RTP1000.
UNI VOX100 = Over-the-Ear Headset Microphone.
To be used with Uniden models JMC RTP1000, Atlantis 250, MHS350, Voyager, Mystic, VHF150, VHF250, MHS450, MHS550, President PM1000WP, PM2000WP, PM2010WP. Full Vox Capability for Uniden WHAMx4 Wireless Mic

CLIP 0001 = Belt Clip
BBTG0546001 = Battery Pack BP1350BK for JMC RTP1000, President PM1000WP, Uniden Atlantis 250CE.
BATG0478001 = Replacement antenna for Uniden Atlantis 250/CE, JMC RTP1000 or President PM1000WP, Connector SMA-Male.
Cradle RTP1000 = Cradle
AD-664 = Adapter.
BHATL250BK = Battery Holder.
BWZY1468001 = 12VDC Cigarette Lighter Cord
FL1015 = Filter

POTM 0068 = POTMETER, Volume, On/Off
POTM 0069 = POTMETER, Squelch
STRAP 0002= Carrying Strap.