Midland G10 PMR446 MOSSY OAK *FS

Transceiver PMR446 Portable, Color MIMETIC.
Programmable, Scan, Vox, Monitor, Vocal Tuning, Roger Beep, Auto Battery Save.
Including Desktop Charger, Wall Adaptor 100 - 240VAC, Li-Ion Battery Pack, Belt Clip.
G10 is 8CH PMR + 8 Channels Pre-set.
Audio Accessory Jack 2-Pin, KENWOOD Wiring (Type-K)

Software plus Cable to extend the flexibilitiy and the features of this radio is Avera p/n CTE G974.01 = MIDLAND PRG10
CTE 101053 = MIDLAND PRG10 for Windwos, including Windows-8.


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Type:Midland G10 PMR446 MOSSY OAK *FS
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Midland G10 Mimetic is the new portable transceiver operatingon the PMR446 band.

Essential in its functionalities but with reliableperformances, G10 is the ideal solution for those whowant a basic device while still keeping the top quality ofMidland radios.

Small and with a compact design, this radio is easy to use and provides clear communications with yourpartners.

Midland G10 is programmable through the optionalprogramming software PRG10, that allows to set and to easily manage the functions keys and further features.
Modification for more power is simply done by use of PRG10.

The peculiarity of this device consists on its versatility and ease of use: the knob beside the antenna allows you to easily select the desired channel and the available features can be achieved by the user friendly function keys.

With its 16 channels (8 PMR446+ 8 pre-set), 51 CTCSStones and 83 DCS codes, G10 is the ideal and effective solution in working and leisure situations that demand reliable communications.

• PMR 446 Transceiver
• 8 PMR446 + 8 Pre-set Channels
• Output Power: ≤ 500mW
• Channel Spacing: 12.5KHz
• 51 CTCSS Tones and 83 DCS Codes
• Scan
• Monitor
• Vocal Tuning
• Roger Beep
• Auto Battery Save
• Squelch
• Weight: 192gr (Battery Included)
• Dimensions: 100×58×33mm (Antenna Excluded)

1 Pc of G10 Transceiver with Belt Clip
1 Pc of 1200mAh Li-ion rechargeable Battery Pack
1 Pc of Wall Adaptor
1 Pc of Desktop Charger
1 Pc of User Manual in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian
1 Pc of Quick Guide

PRG10 = Software plus Cable to extend the flexibilitiy and the features of this radio
PRG10 Windows 8 = PRG10 Programming Software Windows including WINDOWS-8 and USB Programming Cable.Software to extend the flexibilitiy and the features of your radio.
• Compatible with all Midland audio accessories with 2-PIN Kenwood Wiring.

 = List of Microphones, Earphones and other accessories with Connector and Wiring Type-K
• PB-G10 = Battery Pack

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G10 Mimetic, G-10-Mimetic, G 10 Mimetic.


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