Transceiver PMR / LPD Dualband, TWIN PACK
• Dual PTT for High/Low Output Power Transmission
• Side tone, end transmission noise muffler
• Excellent Audio Level
• Wide LCD Display
• Dual Watch to monitor 2 channels
• 38 CTCSS and 104 DCs tones
• Audio Accessory Jack 2-Pin, STANDARD Wiring.

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Avera p/n CTE C1090.06
Brand Midland
Type Midland G7-PRO TWIN PACK *FS
Barcode 8011869199653
Category MIDLAND Products
Sub Category MIDLAND PMR446
Packing Length (cm) 20
Packing Width (cm) 15
Packing Heigth (cm) 10
Packing Weight in grams 755
Packing Type Box
Packing QTY in Master Carton 6
Statistical Number 85256000
Origin China
More information Servicedocs.com

• Dual Band PMR446/LPD Transceiver (G7 PRO) or PMR446 only (G7E PRO)
• Channels: 8 PMR446 / 69 LPD
• Output Power: 500mW PMR446 / 10mW LPD
• Dual PTT for High/Low Power Selection, to extend the Battery life
• Wide LCD Display
• Improved Audio Level
• Possibility to Power the Radio with a Li‐Ion Battery Pack (Optional)
• Dual Watch to Monitor 2 Channels
• Vibracall Function
• 38 CTCSS Tones and 104 DCS Codes in TX/RX
• Keypad Lock to avoid Accidental Pressure of the Controls
• Low Battery Indicator
• VOX for Hands‐Free Conversations with 6 Levels Selectable
• CALL Function with 5 Melodies at your Choice
• Automatic Squelch Adjustment
• Buttons for the Channel Selections
• SCAN Function
• 2 Pin Jack for ext Speaker/Mike/Battery Recharge

2 Pcs of Tranceivers with Belt Clips.
1 Pc of Double Desktop Charger with Wall Adaptor.
2 Pcs of Battery Packs.
1 Pc of User Manual in English, Italian, German, Spanish and French.

• C1090 = G7 Pro PMR446/LPD Twin Pack Old.
• C1090.01 = G7 Pro MR446.
• C1090.02 = G7 Pro PMR446/LPD Single Pack.
• C1090.03 = G7 Pro PMR446/LPD Mimetic.
• C1090.04 = G7 Pro PMR446/LPD UK.
• C1090.06 = G7 Pro PMR446/LPD Twin Pack New.

2 Way Radio Car Kit.
• AE30 = Microphone with adjustable arm.
• AE38 = Throat microphone headset with PTT and finger PTT.
ALG7 = Car Charging Cable, 12V Power Cord.
BT312 = Cable for Wired Audio Kit.
• CC ATL/G7 WP = Carry Case.
• CTE C981 = 12V Adaptor kit for desktop chargers.
• Emergency Charger = Charger with 1 Pc of AA Battery.
• EP21 = Earphone, action line, for listen only, connector 3.5 mm
• G7 FLEX = Recplacement Antenna plus Adapter.
• G7 Flex = Flex Antenna, 35cm.
• KIT128 = Kit for 2 PIN radio connection with PTT.
• MA21D = Microphone with adjustable earphone and VOX/PTT (spiral wire).
• MA21L = Microphone with adjustable earphone and VOX/PTT (spiral wire).
• MA24 = Microphone with earphone and PTT/Vox.
• MA24L = Microphone with earphone and PTT/Vox.
• MA26L = Palm speaker/mike with volume knob and earphone jack.
• MA28L = Microphone with earphone and PTT/Vox.
• MA30L = Arm microphone with adjustable earphone and PTT/Vox.
• MA31 = Microphone with acoustic tube earphone and PTT/Vox.
• MA31L = Microphone with acoustic tube earphone and PTT/Vox.
• MA35L = Headphone with arm microphone.
• MA-NC2 = Speaker/Microphone.
• MW904 = Wall Charger.
PB-ATL/G7 = Battery Pack G7 series.

PB-Pro = Battery Pack.

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