2017-04-17 Avera loves a good customer service. We are proud of the service we provide.
Maybe that is why it hurts so much to do business with companies that lack a good customer service.
After doing years of business we has to say goodbye to the company PRINTCARRIER.
This is an online printing company based in Germany.
Within a short time we had 2 complaints about the quality. Both were re-prints from same files.
At the re-print the color was vague and at the other re-print half a page was white/unprinted.
The company Printcarrier blamed the files, the same file as before !
No reprint, no service at all, unacceptable !!

2017-04-13 Avera participated in the trade show "MAINTENANCE NEXT" in Rotterdam.
We showed GearKeeper solutions for tethering tools when working at heights.
Photos of the event can be found on our Facebook page.
We thank all new and all existing customers for visiting our booth.

2016-11-18  New avera website launched with Magento