President LINCOLN-2+

Transceiver CB/10M/12M Mobile.
• Frequency Range 24.715 - 30.105 MHz.
• Carrier Power 12W AM, 28W FM, 35W LSB/USB, 12W CW.
• 3 Color Display and many many features.
• Electret Condenser Microphone, Connector 6-Pin, PRESIDENT wiring.
• Handsfree Option: Built in VOX

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Avera p/n PRES TXSR041
Brand President
Type President LINCOLN-2+
Barcode 3435991123051
Category PRESIDENT Products
Packing Length (cm) 36
Packing Width (cm) 20
Packing Heigth (cm) 7
Packing Weight in grams 2200
Packing Type Box
Packing QTY in Master Carton 6
Statistical Number 85256000
Origin France
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• Rotary switch and Up/down channel selector
• VFO Mode
• Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
• RF Power
• Manual squelch and ASC
• Multi-function LCD display
• Frequencies display
• S-meter
• Public Address
• Vox function (Hands free)
• ANL filter , NB and HI-CUT
• RF Gain / Mike gain
• Clarifier
• Channels and memories scan
• 6 Memories
• CTCSS (38 tones)
• DCS (104 codes)
• Dim
• MENU fonction key
• Beep Function
• Roger Beep
• Mode switch AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW
• Dual watch
• Key locking
• SWR (Power Reading /SWR)
• Preset 9/19
• TOT (Time Out Timer) adjustable
• Front microphone plug
• External loudspeaker jack

Some of the differences (basicly small changes)  between Lincoln-2 V3 and Lincoln-2Plus:
• Maximum Output Power 35W (small change)
• Firmware is updated
• Software is free available to see display of radio on a PC and has following functions
• The switch CH9/CH19 can be programmed with 2 other channels/frequencies
• Option to give the bands a name
• After modification te radio covers also 12M, new spectrum is 24.715-30.105 MHz

NOTE 1: This transceiver has RX-Audio without the microphone plugged in.

NOTE 2: Some users get confused and complain about the channel rotator and think there is a failure because sometimes they switch from channel,  but in the display the channel number does not change.. But that is the way this radio functions.
First check the list of frequencies for this radio. Long time ago when CB was created not all channels had 10 KHz spacing. Some gaps were 20 or even 30 KHz.
The 'in-between' frequencies were called 'Alpha' or 'Beta'--channels. Check around 3-7-11-15-19-22. There you find channels 3A, 7A, 11A, 15A, 19A and 22A (=24), 22B (=25).
So when entering one of the channels 3A-7A-11A-15A-19A the channel readout does not change from 3 to 3A etc. But in the frequency read-out you will see that the frequency moves up 10 KHz.
Around 22 it is even more different, the channel order is 22 - 24 - 25 - 23 -26 - 27. But in the frequency read-out you will see the steps change 10 KHz at every step.
For radios like this the most important is the frequency read-out, the channel number is secundary.

NOTE 3: During the last 30+ years there have been several versions of Lincoln.
It all started in the 1980's wit Lincoln and HR2510. 
After Lincoln the Lincoln-II was introduced.
From Lincoln-II where several updates, like Lincoln-II Version 3.
Most recent is the Lincoln-II+

1 Pc of Transceiver
1 Pc of Power Cord with Fuse
1 Pc of Microphone and its hanger
1 Pc of Mounting Bracket with Fixing Screws
1 Pc of User Manual

6-Pin Microphone, Up/Down function, President Wiring.

Pin 1 Modulation
Pin 2 RX
Pin 3 TX - UP/DOWN
Pin 4
Pin 5 Ground
Pin 6 Power Supply

PRES ACFD520= Presiden Microphone DNC520 with Up/Down
PRES ACFD521= President Microphone DNC520
• DIN-Mount = Not available for this model (201708)
• DM-520-6P = Replacement Microphone of the Brand Komunica 
• DM-520-6P U/D = Replacement Microphone with UP/DOWN of the Brand Komunica.
• PRES ACDC200 = Handsfree Microphone for Vox Operation
• PRES TXMU000 = Liberty Mic, Wireless Microphone
SS9900PC= PC Cable Set
STABO 71565= Gooseneck VOX Microphone

BL1551 = IC, Switch
• BRACKET 0017 = Mounting Bracket
• BRACKET 0018 = Shock Absorbing Rubber Joint
COVER 0052 = Bottom Cover
COVER 0053 = Top Cover
FLS 15 = Fuse Large Slow, 15A, 6 x 32 mm
FQP13N10 = Transistor
• KNOB 0058 = Knob for Vol/On-Off potmeter
NJM2902V = Amplifier
• POTM 0099 = Potmeter Vol / On-Off
• POWERCRD 1039 = 12VDC Power Cord
QL010 = Blacklight Plate
 RES 250MW1K = Resistor, used for modification
STC15F204EA = PIC (U802)

VIDEO 1 = By Simon the Wizard, January 28-2014
VIDEO 2 = By Simon the Wizard, January 28-2014, inside
VIDEO 3 = By Simon the Wizard, January 28-2014, on the bowl
VIDEO 4 = By Simon the Wizard, January 28-2014, Part 2
VIDEO 5 = David Ogg, January 28-2014, Part 1
VIDEO 5 = David Ogg, January 28-2014, Part 2
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Lincol+, Lincoln2+, Lincoln-2+, Lincoln two plus, Lincoln-two-plus, Lincolntwoplus, Lincoln2plus

M/C Dimensions: 43 x 38 x 23 cm
M/C Weight: 13,6 Kg
M/C Quantity: 6 Pcs
M/C Barcode: -------------

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