GearKeeper RT2-0031 *DISCONTINUED

Gear Retractor/Tether, Velcro Stud Mount, force 170 gr.(6 oz.), extension 71 cm (28 inch), Quick Connect at Retracting End allows easy connection / disconnection of gear.

Substitute item(s): GearKeeper RT4-0031.

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Avera p/n:RT2-0031
Type:GearKeeper RT2-0031 *DISCONTINUED
Barcode:Not available
Category:Discontinued Products
Sub Category:Discontinued
Packing Length (cm):21
Packing Width (cm):12
Packing Heigth (cm):3
Packing Weight in grams:70
Packing Type:Blister-1
Packing QTY in Master Carton:10
Statistical Number: 73269092
Origin:United States of America
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(1) Hunting (2) RT2/RT4 Series (3) Military

Great for all tools up to 170 gr. (6 oz.), e.g. Pliers, 2AA Flashlights, Small GPS Units, Light Meters, Multiply Fly Tools, etc.
Stainless steel components survive in salt water environments
Quick Connect Split Ring allows quick and easy tool disconnection

Medium Force
The Medium force retractor was originally designed for pliers. However, we find many anglers like the positive feel it offers. Or, some like to hook multiple tools to a single retractor.

Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Cable
Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware
27,2 kg (60 lbs.) Breaking Strength

Mounting System
Velcro Strap:
Velcro strap securely wraps and cinches around any loop, bar, belt, or strap

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