Target BLU EYE-2 LCD Display + Antenna *OCTOBER

Traffic Safety System to detect approaching emergency service vehicles.
• Target Blu Eye 2 receives 800 channels. This includes the high Tetra/C2000 channels, these have recently been taken in use by the EU.
• Target Blu Eye 2 is a unique and worldwide patented traffic safety system that warns you in advance for approaching emergency service vehicles. Even if such a vehicle is not using its siren and flashing lights.
• Simultaneous detection of 3 different emergency service vehicles.  
LCD Display - 2.4 inch display to mount in or on the dashboard. Will show a maximum of 3 different emergency service vehicles with separate signal strenght.
• Includes the covert Track VCD Dipole Antenna.
• Possibility to integrate LaserTrack.
• Not intended as a warning system when speeding, but it might help to slow down your speed when accidently driving too fast.

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Does Target Blu Eye function abroad?

The Tetra network for emergency services is also used in the countries surrounding The Netherlands, such as Belgium, Croatia, Germany (nationwide in 2014), Austria, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Italy.

Target Blu Eye is Based on Tetra Technology.
BE: In Belgium the system is called ASTRID and Blu Eye functions very well in Belgium.
ES: In Spain Blu Eyes functions in and around Barcelona and the North of Spain. Guardia Civil is using old TetraPol system and is not detected by Blu Eye.
NL: In The Netherlands the system is called C2000
UK: In UK the system is called AIRWAVE.

FRANCE: France Authorities use an old TetraPol Network. Blu Eye does not function on TetraPol because there is only one synchronisation pulse each minute.

Acoustic warnings:
The communication system used by emergency services in your country generates four types of communication patterns.
Target Blu Eye recognizes all four patterns and produces four different acoustic signals.
All signals indicate the presence of an emergency service close to you.
For more detailed information, read the user manual.

Visual warnings:
Besides acoustic warnings Target Blu Eye also generates visual warnings by means of the signal strength meter on the control display.
If an emergency vehicle approaches you, regardless from which direction, the signal strength meter gives you an estimated indication about the distance between you and the emergency vehicle.
For more detailed information go to the user manual.

Sensitivity mode:
Two sensitivity modes can be selected on the Target Blu Eye control display:
1.Highway mode: in this mode Target Blu Eye offers the highest sensitivity, which allows the system to recognize emergency services from a large distance.
2.City mode: in this mode Target Blu Eye offers a lower sensitivity. This mode is recommended for use in urban areas.

De detection range of Target Blu Eye 2 varies from hundreds of meters up to approximately one kilometre. The range depends on the selected sensitivity mode and the environment.

Due to this highly advanced technology, Target Blu Eye is able to warn you in advance for approaching emergency services, such as:
• Police cars (marked and unmarked cars)
• Police motorcycles
• Ambulances
• Fire trucks

Due to Target Blu Eye 2 you will increase your own safety, the safety of other drivers and the safety of the emergency services.

The advantages of Target Blu Eye 2:
• Warns you for approaching emergency services such as marked and unmarked police cars, ambulances and fire trucks.
• Prevents unpredictable and dangerous manoeuvres.
• Increases your own safety and the safety of other road users.
• Prevents material damage & personal injuries.
• Indicates whether an emergency service vehicle is approaching you or moving away from you.
• Increases a relaxed way of driving.
• Compact sized and easy to install.
• Two years warranty.
• Being of assistence to emergency services.
• Target Blu Eye 2: an eye for safety.

Is it legal to use Target Blu Eye 2 in Europe?
Yes, the use of Target Blu Eye 2 is legal since the system is only informing the driver whether an emergency service is nearby.
Moreover, Target Blu Eye 2 does not make any difference between police vehicles, ambulances or fire trucks.
You will be warned of all types of emergency vehicles. We would like to emphasize that Target Blu Eye is not able to decode the radio messages broadcasted by the TETRA network.

1 Pc of Receiver
1 Pc of Antenna
1 Pc of cable set
1 Pc of Mirror Display


• Track VCD Dipole Antenna = Covert Vehicle Bumper Dipole Antenna for TETRA

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