Portable Scanning Receiver, True I/Q Scanner
• DMR + NXDN + ProVoice Activated + dPMR
• Frequency Range: .. 25 - 512 MHZ
.. 806 - 960 MHz
.. 1240 - 1300 MHz
• TrunkTracker

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Price End user EU € 899,01 incl. VAT/BTW/TVA
Price End user Non EU € 742,98 excl. VAT/BTW/TVA
Stock Limited stock
Avera p/n SDS100EDNP
Brand Uniden
Type Uniden SDS100E + ACTIVATED DMR+NXDN+ProVoice+dPMR
Barcode Not Available
Category UNIDEN Products
Sub Category UNIDEN Scanners Europe
Packing Length (cm) 24
Packing Width (cm) 17
Packing Heigth (cm) 7
Packing Weight in grams 760
Packing Type Box
Packing QTY in Master Carton 4
Statistical Number 85271900
Origin Viet Nam
More information Servicedocs.com


Note 1: Link to download Sentinel via Uniden  website:
Click for LINK     ( https://unidenholdings.jp/en/business/wireless )

Note 2: Sentinel will only allow installation of a newer version of FW.
Sentinel will not allow installation of an older version of FW.
Sentinel will automatically download and install the latest version of FW to the connected scanner.
Version 1.21.00
Version 1.22.00 , Mid 2022, dPMR included, Expanded band Coverage,
470.0000-520.000 and 758.0000-893.9999 MHz.

Not everyone wants to listen to the various trunking systems.
Not all of these systems are used in every country.
ProVoice for example is not used in Europe.
NXDN is not used in all European countries
For using the trunking technology, also when only listening to it, Uniden has to pay royalties.
That is why Uniden decided that the activation key for each of these 3 trunking systems has to be purchased.

• True 1/Q Receiver, design for improved digital performance in simulcast areas
• Rugged / Weather Resistant IPX4
• Li-ion Battery
• Improved Ul with 3 contextual soft-keys that change function based on the current operation
• Customizable Collor LCD: User can modify color and what is displayed in each display field

Note 4 : Earphone connection of 64 Ohms, Comments made by ScannerMaster 
Here's our understanding of the situation:
The SDS100 (US version) Owners manual says it is set for a 32-ohm earphone.
I have used a variety of earbuds on the SDS100, including the Apple Ear Buds (as supplied with older iPhones and iPods) and the cheap ones they give away on airlines and they all seem to work fine.
(EarPods are nominally 32-ohms but actually measure out at about 42-45).

The SDS100E (Europe/UK version) manual has an additional set of specs not included in the US model that indicates "64-ohm for earphone" but 32-ohm for stereo headphones.
I suspect they are identical in this regard, but EU rules probably require more details in the manual than the US unit does.
I suppose that the impedance is higher for a mono earphone since the right and left Ring connectors on the plug would be shorted.

Using standard stereo headphones at 32-ohms would give optimal performance.

Key Features
• Close Call RF Capture
• Trunking and Conventional
• Location Based Scanning
• Quick Key System Access
• PC Programmable using free Sentinel Software
• Weather Resistant IPX4
• High Capacity Li-ion Battery
• 8 GB microSD Card

= Standard Version
= Standard Version + Activated DMR
= Standard Version + Activated DMR + NXDN
= Standard Version + Activated DMR + NXDN + ProVoice + dPMR

If your model does not have activated DMR or NXDN or PROVOICE, the activation key(s) can be purchased from this Uniden website:


Uniden Japan has a website where most recent versions of Sentinel and FW updates can be found for the models UBCD3600XLT, SDS100E and SDS200E.
Click for link

1 Pc of Scanner
1 Pc of AC Adapter EU/UK
1 Pc of USB Cable
1 Pc of Micro SD card (installed)
1 Pc of Lithium Ion Battery Pack, BT-955  (3,7 Volt, 5400 mAh, 19,8 Wh)
1 Pc of SMA-BNC Antenna Adapter
1 Pc of SMA (Male) Antenna'
1 Pc of Belt Clip
1 Pc of User Manual English

• AD-1239= Cigarette Lighter Plug Power cord with Mini-USB
• ARC-536Basic= Programming Software for Windows, Basic Version
ARC-536Pro = Programming Software for Windows, PRO Version
• BC-UTGC = Cable to Connect GPS Receiver UNI BC-GPSK  to scanner
• SCM6015SAS= Soft Leather Carry Case
• SCM60153AS= Hard Leather Carry Case
• SCM60155AS= Nylon Carry Case
• UNI BC-GPSK= Serial GPS Receiver (Need also BC-UTGC to connect to SDS100E)
• ZA135= Racing Headset, Color BLACK. Volume Control on each Shell. Connector 3,5 mm Mono
DESK MOUNT 01 = Desk Mount to hold 1 scanner
GPS Receiver Kit

AC EU/UK Adapter = AC EU/UK  SPS, 1 Ampere, Type Uniden AD1246
• AC EU/UK Adapter = AC EU/UK  SPS, 2 Ampere,  Original Replacement Type S008ACM0500200
• Adapter BNC-F to SMA-M = Original  Uniden Replacement  Adapter
BATG0590001 = Original Replacement Antenna
• Battery Cover = Battery Compartment Cover when using larger battery pack BT-955
Battery Cover = Battery Compartment Cover when using smaller battery pack BT-956
• Belt Clip
BT-956 = Original small battery pack
• BT-956 + Cover= Original small battery pack + cover
• BT-955 = Original large battery pack
Cover Rear = Original rear Cover/Panel
Front Panel = Front Panel Assembly including Display Window, Keypad Rubber and Speaker pre-assembled
• GIFTBOX 100 = Original giftbox
Knob = Knob + retaining Clip
POTM 0100 = Potmeter Volume
Rubber Button = BUTTON RUBBER for Function/menu
Rubber cap = CAP RUBBER for Earphone Jack
Rubber capCAP RUBBER for USB Socket
Speaker= Speaker of  SDS100E is bonded on CASE FRONT, also KEY PCB is fixed on CASE FRONT by double-sided tape, so it is better to replace complete CASE FRONT ASSY.
Switch = Switch FUNCTION/MENU
UNI 0016 = Hook kit
UNI 0017 = Knob Release Kit
 USB Cable = USB2

• CABLE 0026 = PCB Connecting Cable for repairing purpose

Links to video’s to be published as soon as possible.
Feel free to send link suggestions.

UnidenSDS100EU, SDS-100EU, SDS100-EU, SDS-100-EU, SDS100 EU, SDS 100EU, 

M/C Dimensions: 28 x 17 x 25 cm
M/C Weight: 3,25 Kg
M/C Quantity: 4 Pcs
M/C Barcode: -------------

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