Uniden USB-1

USB Cable for Uniden-Bearcat USC230 and USC230E, UBC3500XLT, UBC800XLT, Albrecht AE230, BCD396XT, BCT15X.

Install USB Driver Software BEFORE plugging in the Data Cable.

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Also for USA models: BCD396T, BC246T, BR330T, SC230, BCD996T, BCT15X,BCD396XT.

Install USB Driver Software BEFORE plugging in the Data Cable. Please follow the Installation Instructions. Driver software can be downloaded from www.racescanner.eu

Please note when using versions of ARC-XT, ARC230, ARC3500.If you had no problem using the ARC software, in combination with programming cable Uniden USB-1, BEFORE installing Windows 10 you might be using an old version of the USB-1 cable.
The chipset inside the first productions of the USB-1 programming cable is changed in 2014. The USB-1 cable with new chipset will give no problems in combination with a computer operating on Windows 10.
Visual inspection of cable USB-1 will not show difference between the two versions.

In the market the USB-1 is called a program cable. But technically it is a USB to serial bridge (external uart).