Whistler TRX-1

Multi-System Adaptive Digital Trunking Handheld Receiver

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Avera p/n WHIS TRX1
Brand Whistler
Type Whistler TRX-1
Barcode 052303408229
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Packing Length (cm) 20
Packing Width (cm) 15
Packing Heigth (cm) 5
Packing Weight in grams 605
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Statistical Number 85271900
Origin Philippines
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: This international model of the TRX-1 comes loaded with the US, Canada and UK band plan.
PLEASE NOTE: TRX-1E All the TRX1 & TRX2 we supply since 2020 are E version. user needs to select UK as a country for E settings.

The Whistler TRX-1 is a multi-system adaptive digital trunking scanners with Motorola P25 Phase I, X2-TDMA, Phase II and DMR making it capable of monitoring the following unencrypted channels/systems: Conventional DMR (Entered as a DMR trunked system, Hytera XPT, MotoTRBO™ Capacity Plus, MotoTRBO™ Connect Plus, and MotoTRBO™ Linked Cap Plus systems.

**Now capable of monitoring NXDN with the latest downloadable update (12/15/16)**

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Only for use on Windows Operating Systems

• The TRX-1 allows the user the ability to group their stored objects using up to 200 Scanlists plus a special Skywarn scanlist. Objects can be mapped to as many Scanlists as desired, giving you complete flexibility for grouping objects and selecting groups in any combination for scanning.
• Programmable audible alarms can be configured to sound when certain Scannable Objects are active. Can be used in conjunction with, or separately from, the Alert LED described above.
• Record received audio from selected objects and searches to the Micro SD card. Replay recorded audio using powerful built-in playback system or transfer to PC for playback and archiving. Record up to 50 hours of audio on the 2 GB microSDr
• Date and time stamp recorded audio files, and “alarm clock” function allows you to program the scanner to wake up and start scanning at a specific time each day.
• A built-in Discriminator Output provides raw discriminator signal to third party signal decoding software without risky hardware modifications.
• Predefined service search ranges make it easy to find activity in your area.
• A simplified keypad and display with familiar Scan, Pause, Skip and Navigation controls make it easy for you to use your TRX-1. Behind the scenes, Whistler’s exclusive Object Oriented database runs the show, with support for millions of stored objects, limited only by MicroSD card capacity.
• With the expanded V-Scanner II (VS-II) storage system, you can use the TRX-1 PC Application to save up to 200 V-Scanner configurations on the MicroSD Card, which can be recalled at any time in the field using the radio’s keypad.
• Industry standard Composite Device USB interface with USB Mass Storage Device (MSD) and Serial Data (CDC) support. Access the MicroSD card without removing it from the radio, stream decoded Control Channel data and upgrade your radio’s firmware over USB. Mini USB cable included.
• The TRX-1 detects and masks digital voice audio, and decodes RadioID/TalkgroupID data embedded in voice packets.
• Uses an industry standard MicroSD card to store the RadioReference data library and all of your programming - capacity for millions of stored objects! Supports cards up to 32 GB
• Scans most common trunked radio system signaling formats, including Motorola, EDACS, LTR and P25 trunked radio networks. Both talkgroup and individual call monitoring are supported.
• Quickly sweeps the TRX-1's frequency ranges for transmissions from nearby sources. When a nearby transmission is found, the TRX-1 automatically tunes to that frequency and receives the traffic. Lock out found frequencies and continue searching the same band.
• Customize existing programming or add new objects to scan, and keep your TRX-1 firmware and Library data up to date.
• The backlight can be programmed to flash with custom flash patterns when certain objects are active, providing another way alerting the operator when important radio traffic is present.
• displays the weather event and sounds an alert for a specific county or counties of your choice.
• Scan Sets expand the functionality of Scanlists by allowing you to define different combinations of enabled Scanlists as Scan Sets, then you can select one or more Scan Sets for scanning using a simple menu system. With Scanlists and Scan Sets you have unlimited possibilities for grouping, enabling and disabling objects for scanning.
• Shows relative strength of received signals. Slim, compact case design with textured exterior finish and large speaker - Designed for durability, one-handed operation and ease of use.
• Provides instant access to frequencies used by storm spotter networks. Monitor storm conditions as they occur, and become aware of dangerous conditions before the media or emergency management officials are able to announce them to the general public.
• The entire USA and Canada databases from www.radioreference.com are stored on a standard MicroSD Card that is included with the TRX-1, giving you access to the most comprehensive radio data available without connecting the TRX-1 to a computer or the Internet! Free downloads of updated database, CPU and DSP firmware.
• Keep your radio’s CPU and DSP firmware and RadioReference library current with enhancements and updates as they become available with free upgrades!
• Programmable tri-color LED displays thousands of colors that can be used to indicate different types of activity or activity on special channels. Program color sequences with multiple colors for special alerts, even emulate the red/blue strobe of police vehicles.

Frequency coverage: 25-54MHz, 108-136.99MHz, 137-174MHz, 216-379.97MHz, 380-512MHz, 764-781MHz, 791-796MHz, 806-960MHz (excluding cellular), 1240-1300MHz
• Receiving modes: AM, FM, FM-MOT (Motorola), LTR (EF Johnson), CTCSS, DCS, NAC on P25, EDACS wide/narrow (GE/Ericsson/HARRIS), P25-Phase I, X2-TDMA,
P25-Phase II, DMR, MotoTRBO™ Tier II
• Receiving system: Triple conversion PLL super heterodyne
• WX frequencies: 162.400, 162.425, 162.450, 162.475, 162.500, 162.525, 162.550 MHz
• Display: Full dot matrix bitmap LCD (132x65 dots)
• Sensitivity: (FM 12 dB SINAD unless otherwise noted)
…VHF Low: 0.2 μV
…VHF Aircraft (AM): 0.4 μV
…VHF High 137-174 MHz: 0.3 μV
…VHF High 216-300 MHz: 0.4 μV
…UHF Low 300-406MHz: 0.8 μV
…UHF/UHF-T 406-512 MHz: 0.4 μV
…UHF High 764-960 MHz: 0.5 μV
…1240 -1300 MHz: 0.5 μV
• Squelch sensitivity (band center)
…Threshold: AM/FM 0.5 μV
…Tight:  (S+N)/N: AM 20 dB, FM 25 dB
…Spurious rejection: VHF High at 154.1 MHz: 40 dB (Except Primary image)
…Signal to noise ratio 35-40 dB typical (100 μV input signal)
• Scanning rate without trunking: 138-147.9 MHz:70ch/second (in 100 kHz Intervals)
• Search rate: 162.25-167.25 MHz: 80 steps/sec.
• Scan and Search delay time: 2 seconds
• Audio max. power RF input :100 μV at 154.1 MHz (DEV:3kHz at 1kHz)
• 8 Ohms Resistor Load at speaker terminal (BTL): 500 m Watts
• Intermediate frequency:
…1st: 380.8 MHz
…2nd: 21.4 MHz
…3rd: 455 kHz
• Current drain: 8 Ohm internal speaker at 154.1 MHz,
• 5V Ext Power, Squelched: 170 mA (Back light off/without charging)
• Antenna impedance: 50 Ohms
• Temperature range (optimal): -10°C to 60°C
• Speaker:Built-in 36 mm 8 Ohms dynamic speaker
• Operating voltage:
…DC 4.8 Volts (4 AA Ni-MH batteries)
…DC 6 Volts (4 AA alkaline batteries)
• External power and charge voltage: USB Power (DC 5V 500mA)
• Dimensions (HWD) 135 x 67 x 28 mm (5.31 x 2.12 x 1.06 inch)
• Weight: 210g (7.4 oz.) Without antenna and batteries

1 Pc of Digital Handheld Scanner
1 Pc of Antenna
1 Pc of Micro SD Card
1 Pc of Swivel Belt Clip
1 Pc of USB Cable
1 Pc ofProtective Case
2 Pcs of  Inserts
1 Pc of User Guide in English
1 Pc of Quick Start Guide in English

*Powered by 4 AA batteries. AC adapter sold separately.

• GP15AUP 


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M/C Weight: 12,6 Kg
M/C Quantity: 20 Pcs
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