WILSON 5000 TRUCKER with Shaft of 25 cm (10 inch).
Antenna CB Mobile, 3/8x24 Thread Ferrule, Whip Only, Total Length 168 cm, Power Max 5000 Watts AM and 20.000 Watts SSB.

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* Handles 5,000 Watts AM 20,000 SSB(ICAS).
* Solid 3/16, 100% silver plated wire.
* Patented low loss coil.
* Frequency Range: 26-30MHz

Dr. Dwight Heim, ( PH.D. Electrical Engineering, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan ) an independent consultant, conducted a test and comparison on the coils of some of the antennas used by truckers. A chart from his complete tests is shown below (not on this website).

The Wilson 5000 Trucker CB antenna was shown to have the highest Q rating of all antenna coils tested. The Q is the standard engineering measurement of efficiency of the antenna coil. The higher the Q, the higher the efficiency, which means higher performance from that antenna.

The higher rating for the Trucker 5000 coil is a result of proper engineering practices, such as the correct length-to-diameter ratio for the wire size, and a silver plated 3/16 solid copper wire in manufacturing the loading coil.

Extensive research, development and engineering efforts showed that a silver plated 3/16 solid copper wire displayed better performance characteristics and lower losses, giving more power gain, than that of chrome plated hollow tubing. Copper is one of the best RF conductors available - silver is even better. Wilson combined the best of both worlds by choosing 100% pure silver for heavy duty plating of the large solid copper wire.

This combination provides better efficiency and higher performance properties, thereby giving more power gain than any 1/4 or 3/8 chrome plated tubing antenna coil.

The special design of the Trucker 5000 floating coil will not ice up and stop working or break, even in severe winter conditions. This means that using Wilsons design techniques, the 5000 Trucker will not ice up and short out the windings as is possible with the open coil designed antennas. The highly engineered thermoplastic cover protects the coil from the harsh environmental conditions encountered on the open road. A dirty antenna coil can measurably cut the performance characteristics of that antenna, and one that is covered with ice can cut the performance by as much as 50%.

The Trucker 5000 is available with your choice of shaft lengths of 5 or 10, and mounts into a standard 3/8 X 24 threaded mount. Due to the increased torque applied to the mount with the Trucker 5000, it is recommended that only a stainless steel stud mount be used with the Trucker 5000. ( NOTE: The 18 or 22 inch shaft should not be used with this antenna, as the increased torque will snap the mounting stud, and you could loose the antenna.)

The Trucker 5000 was designed specifically for users who want the best in a high performance antenna with the ability to withstand some serious power. The Wilson 5000 Trucker handles 5000 watts AM, 20,000 watts SSB (ICAS rating).

Wilsons attention to detail, engineering quality and designs are what helps make the antenna perform so well. The strength of performance and power handling capabilities of the antenna will prove themselves the first time extra power is needed to break through noise and congestion on the air.

Over 25 years of knowledge and engineering experience in the design of antennas makes Wilson the recognized leader in CB Trucker antennas, and the 5000 the choice of truckers.

*TEST RESULTS: based on all CB Trucker antennas tested by Dr. Dwight Heim.

**PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: The Wilson Trucker 5000 will outperform all chrome plated copper tubing antennas it replaces or your money back. This guarantee is good for 15 days from the date of purchase at the original purchase point only, and with dated sales receipt.

1 pc of WILSON 5000 TRUCKER W/10.



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5000 TRUCKER W/10, 5000-TRUCKER-W/10, 5000TRUCKERW/10, 305-550.


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