Albrecht AE6491 NRC

Transceiver CB Mobile
• Frequency Range: 40 Channels (26.965 - 27.405 MHz)
• Standards: 5 European Standards
• Modulation Modes: AM / FM 
• Output Power: 4 Watt AM / 4 Watt FM 
• Power supply: 12 VDC or 24 VDC
• Handsfree Option: Built in VOX
• Special: Noise Reduction Circuit (NRC)
• Microphone: Electret Type, 6-Pin with GDCH Wiring

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Brand Albrecht
Type Albrecht AE6491 NRC
Barcode 4032661264824
Category ALBRECHT Products
Sub Category ALBRECHT CB
Packing Length (cm) 31
Packing Width (cm) 23
Packing Heigth (cm) 8
Packing Weight in grams 1536
Packing Type Box
Packing QTY in Master Carton 5
Statistical Number 85256000
Origin China
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NEW: with VOX hands-free function and NRC noise filter for crystal-clear reception and the highest audio quality

For the latest version of the AE 6491 Albrecht has developed a technical innovation and integrated it into the CB radio: the  NRC noise filter.
When activated, the AE 6491 NRC filters out background noise and background noise when receiving radio messages and offers unprecedented, crystal-clear audio quality in CB radio!

In addition, the new VOX hands-free function enables communication in the vehicle without having to pick up the microphone. The radio recognizes when the driver speaks and automatically starts the radio transmission. The sensitivity and delay of the VOX hands-free function can be adjusted in several stages. Thus, the CB radio  can be used in vehicles without hesitation in accordance with the latest GERMAN road traffic regulations § 23 (1a) StVO.

The multi-standard CB radio is very easy to install and can be used throughout Europe: The high-quality device offers 40 AM and 40 (80) FM channels and complies with all European radio standards. In addition, the radio can be connected to both 12 Volt and directly to 24 volts, a 24V / 12V voltage converter thus unnecessary. The assembly is also very easy: Due to the low installation depth of the Albrecht AE 6491 NRC and the DIN installation frame included in the scope of delivery, the device is ideal for installation in trucks or cars. The powerful 3 watt front loudspeaker, which makes an additional loudspeaker superfluous, ensures a powerful and clear sound.

The Albrecht AE 6491 NRC is particularly convenient thanks to its intuitive operation. The display of this multi-standard CB radio impresses with its clarity and a large horizontal and vertical viewing angle. The display lighting can be switched between the colors green and red as required. There are additional up, down and ASQ buttons on the microphone. The automatic squelch is a guarantee for interference-free reception. The CTCSS function of the Albrecht AE 6491 NRC can suppress the hearing of foreign radio traffic.

• All European CB radio standards
• 12/24 Volt operation
• VOX hands-free function
• NRC noise filter for crystal clear reception and the highest audio quality
• Simultaneous display of channel and frequency
• S-meter, power meter
• Automatic squelch (ASQ)
• CTCSS (38 tones)
• Channel rotary switch
• Channel search (SCAN)
• Channel 9/19 direct button
• 5 channel  memory
• Key tones, Roger Beep
• Additional UP / DOWN / ASQ buttons on the microphone
• Display lighting green / red switchable
• Display lighting dimmable
• Connection for external loudspeaker
• Low installation depth
• Powerful heat sink        
• Dimensions W x H x D: 188 x 57 x 131 mm

1 Pc of CB radio
1 Pc of Microphone with up / down buttons
1 Pc of Microphone holder
1 Pc of DIN installation frame with 2 unlocking keys
1 Pc of DC power cable
1 Pc of User Manual



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