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  1. afbeeldingPRES ACMS306 Stabo POWERCORD RANDY-2/CB413 *FS
    Out of stock
    € 32,00

    Dc Power Cord/Car Charging Cable with Cigarette Lighter Plug, 12/24 VDC, 500 mA, Connector 2.5mm.
    Packing Blister-1.

    Use for: President Randy-2P,Randy-2M, Stabo XH9006E, Jopix CB413.

  2. afbeeldingPRES ACMS304 President CAR ADAPTOR RANDY-2
    € 54,00

    Mobile/Car Adapter, 13.2 Volt, Fuse 2A.
    Adapter with Antenna Connector and Power Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug.

    Use for: President Randy-2P,Randy-2M, Stabo XH9006E.
    Note: When installed with Jopix CB413.the antenna connection will not function.

  3. afbeeldingSTABO 70055 Stabo MIC XM3044
    € 40,00

    Electret Condenser Microphone, 1000 Ohm.
    Connector 4-Pin, Stabo/Midland Wiring.

    Use for: XM3044, XM3082, XM3032, XM3400.

  4. Stabo VOX-Optimike - 250 pixels Stabo VOX-Optimike
    € 55,00

    VOX Microphone
    • DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
    • With ANC (Active Noise Reduction)
    • Connector: 6-Pin

    Use for: all Stabo and President CB-radios without VOX-function with 6-Pin Microphone-socket (except stabo xm5003e)

  5. STABO VOXMIC-104 4-Pin Microphone - pixels 250 Stabo VOXMIC-104 (4-Pin)
    € 43,00

    VOX system for CB radio with 4-pin plug.

    Use for: Stabo XM3044, XM3082 and other Stabo 4-Pin CB Models

  6. Stabo VOXMIC-100 6-Pin Microphone - pixels 250 Stabo VOXMIC-100 (6-Pin)
    € 43,00

    VOX system for CB radio with 6-pin plug.

    Use for: Stabo XM3003, XM3003e, XM5003, XM5006e-R and all other 6-Pin Stabo CB models, all President 6-Pin CB Models, Midland 6-Pin CB Models.

    € 51,75

    Stabo GOOSENECK MICRO, for all Stabo CB VOX Radio's
    • Connector: 6-Pin, Stabo/President Wiring
    • Can be used with many models from Stabo and President

  8. afbeeldingSTABO 50029 Stabo DIN HARRY-2
    Out of stock
    € 115,00

    DIN-Mounting for Stabo Types XM3003, XM3200-2, XM3400-3, XM3044, XM3082 and President Type Harry2.

  9. afbeeldingPRES ACMS302 Stabo BATTERY PACK RANDY-2
    € 66,00

    Battery Pack, Li-Ion, 7.4 Volt, 2100 mAh.

    Use for: President Randy-2P,Randy-2M, Stabo XH9006E, Jopix CB413.

  10. afbeeldingSTABO 70048 Stabo CBL500 SPEAKER
    € 16,50

    External Speaker 8 Ohm, 3 Watts Nominal and 5 Watts Maximum, 3.5mm Mono Plug.

  11. Stabo LED TIRE-PRESSURE CAPS for Trucks 250 pixels Stabo LED TIRE-PRESSURE CAPS for Trucks
    € 70,00

    Optical tire pressure alarm
    • LED tire-pressure caps for trucks
    • Provides security, saves fuel, reduces wear and tear of tires
    • Flashes red at pressure drop between 5-9 psi (0.3 and 0.7 bar)
    • Pressure range of 90 - 130 psi (6 - 9 bar)
    • Theft protected
    • 100% waterproof


    € 40,00

    Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
    • Finest portable hearing experience
    • IPX7 protection against rain
    • Can be used as handsfree kit
    • SIRI function for iPad/iPhone

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