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  1. AOR ARD300 pixels 250 AOR ARD300
    € 1.000,00

    • Versatile and powerful digital voice decoder/demodulator for your trusted analog receiver!
    • Decodes DMR, dPMR, NXDN and popular amateur digital voice modes from Icom, Alinco and Yaesu.
    • Decodes APCO P25 voice signals, used for example by U.S military and diplomatic services around the world.
    • Compatible with AOR legacy receivers AR8600MK2, AR5000(A/+3), AR-ONE and newer AR2300, AR5001D, AR6000.
    • And very importantly, supports any other brand’s receiver featuring a 10.7MHz or 45.05MHz IF output!

  2. AOR AR2300-IQ 250 pixers AOR AR2300IQ Special Edition
    € 3.349,00

    High-performance communications receiver for commercial and governmental applications, as well as for the demanding prosumer.
    AR2300 "VQ Special Edition" is a complete wide-band signal detection, monitoring, recording and playback solution with great versatility!

    • 40 KHz - 3.15 GHz, all analog modes
    • Digital 1/Q output and a suite of supplied software solutions for WINDOWS & LINUX
    • 15 MHz wide IF output for external IF recorders, signal and spectrum analyzers•
    • 10 MHz reference input
    +/- 0.1 ppm frequency stability
    • Full control command set  for system integrators
    • New  updated user manual
    • Optional APCO 25 decoder
    • Optional Ethernet controller

  3. WINRADIO WR-G33DDC  250 pixelsI WinRadio WR-G33DDC
    € 2.390,00

    Software Defined Shortwave Receiver
    • The award-winning WiNRADiO WR-G33DDC 'EXCALIBUR Pro' is a high-performance, low-cost, direct-sampling, software-defined, shortwave receiver with a frequency range from 9 kHz to 49.995 MHz.
    • It includes a real-time 50 MHz-wide spectrum analyzer and 4 MHz-wide instantaneous bandwidth available for recording, demodulation and further digital processing.

  4. UNIDEN EZI33XLT-PLUS Receiver -pixels 250 Uniden EZI33XLT-PLUS
    € 109,00

    Portable Scanning Receiver 
    NEW: Including Rechargeable NiMH Bateries and USB Charging Cable.
    • Frequency Range: 78 - 174 MHz,  406 - 512 MHz.
    • Bands: 5
    • Pre-Programmed Service Banks: 9
    • Instant Channels: 3
    • Favourite Channels: 180
    • Frequency Steps: 5 / 6.25 / 10 / 12.5 (8.33 / 12.5 Aircraft Bands)
    • USB Cable: Length is 80 cm, Connectors USB-A and Micro-B
    • Antenna Connection: BNC-Female

  5. afbeeldingBCT15X Uniden BCT15X
    € 335,00

    Scanner Mobile, BearTracker Scanner with 9,000 Channels and GPS Support.
    The BCT15X comes equipped with Uniden exclusive features like Advanced Dynamic Memory System, Close Call® RF Capture Technology, and GPS.
    BCT15X has ADJUSTABLE BAND DEFAULTS, so program MODE and STEP ON EVERY CHANNEL the way you want it to be!
    Antenna Connection: BNC-Female.

    TIP! Use ARC-XT BASIC = ARC-XT Basic or ARC-XT PRO = ARC-XT PRO Software.

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