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  1. afbeeldingFIRE 6M52 Firestik 6M-52
    € 34,00

    Antenna HF Mobile, 6 Meter Band, 50 - 54 MHz, Omnidirectional, 5/8 Wave length, Mount 3/8x24 Thread, Whip Only, Fiber Color Black, Whip Length 132cm, Max Power 400W / 800 Watts PEP.
    Mount: 3/8x24 Thread Ferrule.

  2. afbeeldingFIRE 2MCKB Firestik 2M-CKB
    € 62,00

    Antenna 2M Base, 5/8 Wave, Whip 120 cm White, 4 Radials.

  3. afbeeldingFIRE IBA5 Firestik IBA-5
    € 89,00

    Antenna CB Base for Indoor Use, Fiber White, Length 150 cm, Power Max 1000 Watts PEP.
    Ideal for apartments, homes offices, campsites, job sites or places with outside antenna restrictions.
    Comes complete with Whip, Radials, Hub, Coax+Connector UHF-Male (PL-259).

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