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  1. Target Blu Eye DISPLAY CABLE pixels 250 Track RS485 CABLE
    € 28,00

    RS485 Display Cable

    Original Display Cable for Target Blu Eye.

  2. Target Blu Eye DISPLAY pixels 250 Target Blu Eye DISPLAY
    € 149,00

    Original Replacement Display for Target Blu Eye.

  3. Target Blu Eye REPLACEMENT ANTENNA pixels 250 Target Blu Eye REPLACEMENT ANTENNA
    € 45,00

    Adhesive Antenna for Target Blu Eye.
    Length: 7 cm

  4. Lasertrack Flare Base pixels 250 LaserTrack Flare Base
    Out of stock
    € 640,00

    Laser remote control base system.

  5. afbeeldingBLU EYE Target BLU EYE + COVERT ANTENNA
    € 999,00

    Target Blu Eye is based on TETRA technology.
    Target Blu Eye is a unique and worldwide patented traffic safety system that warns you in advance for approaching emergency service vehicles. Even if such a vehicle is not using its siren and flashing lights.
    Due to Target Blu Eye you will be warned with an acoustic and visual alert. The signal strength meter on the control display allows you to see at first glance whether an emergency vehicle is approaching you or moving away from you. 

    Not intended as a warning system when speeding, but it might help to slow down your speed when accidently driving to fast.

    Starting December 12 - 2016 the covert vehicle bumper dipole antenna, type Panorama VCD-S1-5F is added free of charge.

Set Descending Direction

5 Items

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