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  1. Midland ET10 Infrared thermometer - pixels 250 Midland ET10
    € 65,00

    Non contact Infrared Body Thermometer
    • The ET10 scanning thermometer captures infrared heat released naturally by the skin over the temporal artery by non-contact scanning of the forehead.
    • The ET10 thermometer is a useful tool for the rapid measurement of body temperature in the context of a case history that involves screening in different contexts: health, domestic, public such as airport, school, hotel, public establishments, etc.
    • It is also possible to use it to measure the temperature of objects and surfaces.

  2. Midland EUV10 UV LED Lamp - pixels 250 Midland EUV10
    € 56,00

    Ultraviolet LED lamp, kills COVID-19 virus
    • Ultraviolet radiation for sterilization
    • Uses a UV-C wavelength light
    • Destroys the DNA or RNA of bacterical viruses
    • Portable lamp that can be used to sanitize surfaces
    • Use at home or during travelling

  3. Stabo LED TIRE-PRESSURE CAPS for Trucks 250 pixels Stabo LED TIRE-PRESSURE CAPS for Trucks
    € 70,00

    Optical tire pressure alarm
    • LED tire-pressure caps for trucks
    • Provides security, saves fuel, reduces wear and tear of tires
    • Flashes red at pressure drop between 5-9 psi (0.3 and 0.7 bar)
    • Pressure range of 90 - 130 psi (6 - 9 bar)
    • Theft protected
    • 100% waterproof


    € 1,00

    Sticker *Elektronisch Beveiligd*

    € 42,00

    StrobeStik Type STS-1, 360 Degrees Lens, 4 Strobe Modes + Solid-On, Anodized Aluminum Body. Run Time 8 - 100 hours depending on the used Strobe Mode.

    High End Product; Better, Brighter and Built stronger.
    This definitely is a specialty device for commercial type safety applications. There is utilized more expensive technology like the built-in booster circuit which creates enough voltage to run the unit on a single battery. Also used is a higher power LED which is equivalent to 16 standard LEDs. The lens design is a unique feature which allows full 360 degree coverage.

  6. afbeeldingFIRE STS1 Firestik STS-1 STROBESTIK
    € 43,60

    ◾ StrobeStik with RED LED.
    ◾ Packing Blister-1.

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