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  1. Glomex Camboat Wifi Camera - pixels 250 Glomex CAMBOAT
    € 205,00

    Wifi IP Dome Camera
    • HD Resolution with Motion Detection
    • Keep your boat close to you with Glomex Security Cameras
    • REAL-TIME SECURITYCamBoat™ is the Wi-Fi HD IP security camera that allows you to monitor the area remotely wherever you are and at any time via the free iOS and Android App.
    • With CamBoat™ you have 100% privacy as there is no cloud neither subscription.

  2. Glomex ITM001 Nylon mount pixels 250 Glomex ITM001
    € 9,75

    Nylon Mount for Mast
    • For installation of weBBoat on crossstree or sailboats
    • Base with adjustable angle

  3. Glomex V9124 Deck Mount - pixels 250 Glomex V9124
    € 40,50

    Stainless Steel Universal Deck Mount
    • For Glomex  WebBoat, V9125, V9112, V9150, V9130 and others
    • Diameter: 2,5 cm (1 inch)
    • Height: 15 cm (6 inch)

  4. Glomex IT1004PRO-SK 4G WeBBoat PRO pixels 250 Glomex WEBBOAT-PRO-SK
    € 1.605,00

    Commercial 3G, 4G & Wi-Fi Dual SIM internet router with two diversity antenna systems + Antenna PRA471

  5. Glomex WEBBOAT 4G LITE EVO - 4G and WiFi Coastel Internet Antenna System Pixels250 Glomex WEBBOAT 4G LITE EVO
    € 795,50

    4G and WiFi Coastel Internet Antenna System
    • Compact version to surf the web
    • The weBBoat 4G Lite EVO is equipped with two 4G/3G diversity antennas, one diversity Wi-Fi antennas
    • Internal single SIM card slot,
    • Super-fast 3G/4G/Wi-Fi router that creates a hot spot on the vessel.
    • Extra on EVO Version:
    ... Automatic APN
    ... SMS Management Function
    ... V-SAT/SAT Internet  autoswitch mode
    ... Encrypted real-time  peer-to-peer connection for remote set-up and service.

Set Descending Direction

5 Items

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