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  1. DC POWERCORD for Lincoln (old) - 250 pixels DC POWERCORD for Lincoln (old)
    € 15,50

    DC Power Cord with Fuse Holder
    • Fuse: 20 Ampere
    • Length: 300 cm
    • Packing: Bulk

    Use for: President Lincoln (First Version), Uniden HR2510 and others

  2. Workman KW2000 / RCI2970 Power Cord Workman KW2000 / RCI2970 Power Cord
    € 33,00

    12VDC Power Cord for Ranger RCI2970 and others.

  3. Powercord 1043 Pixels 250 DC POWERCORD for AE7500/AE5890
    € 13,00

    12VDC Power Cord for AE5890, AE7500 and more

  4. afbeeldingBWZG1244001 Uniden WA952
    € 10,00

    12VDC Power Cord, Cigarette Lighter Plug with 2A Fuse, Connector 3.5 mm.

    Use for: Uniden UBC355CLT


  5. afbeeldingBWZY0647001 Uniden WA951
    € 7,00

    12V DC Power Cord, including Fuse Holder, Fuse F1A, Connector 3.5mm.

    Use for: Uniden UBC355CLT


  6. afbeeldingUNI WZ1628 Uniden WZ1628
    € 12,00

    12VDC Power Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug, Connctor 5.5 mm.

    Use for: Uniden BCT15X.


  7. afbeeldingUNI WZ520 Uniden WZ520
    € 12,00

    12VDC Power Cord, T3-Connector, 3-Wire, 2x In-Line Fuse Holder with 2A Fuse.

    Use for: Uniden BCT15X.

  8. afbeeldingCTE R17060 Midland R17060 POWER CORD
    € 9,99

    12V DC Power Cord, including Fuse Holder, Fuse F2A.

    Use for: Midland Alan 78 PLUS MULTI, Midland Alan 48 PLUS MULTI

  9. afbeeldingCTE R17363 Midland SLIDE ADAPTOR
    Out of stock
    € 26,00

    Car Adapter, Slide Adapter with Power Cord and Cigarette Lighter Plug for 12VDC, plus UHF-Female (SO-239) for External Antenna connection.

    Use for: Midland Alan42 Multi

  10. afbeeldingPOWERCRD 1005 Powercord 1005
    € 11,00

    Chassis DC Power Cord, this part is fixed to the radio.

    Use for: Magnum S9175

  11. afbeeldingPOWERCRD 1007 PowerCord S45HP
    € 13,00

    12V DC Power Cord with fuse used for Magnum 257HP and OmegaForce/S45HP.

    Note: For Magnum 257 and Magnum OmegaForce/S45 use POWERCRD 1008.

  12. afbeeldingPOWERCRD 1009 PowerCord 257
    Out of stock
    € 9,00

    Chassis DC Power Cord, this part is fixed to the radio and the regular DC Power Cord, Power Cord 1008 , is plugged into this part.

    Use for: Magnum Delta Force, Magnum 257

  13. afbeeldingPOWERCRD 1037 POWERCORD for SS9900
    € 20,00

    12V DC Power Cord, including Fuse Holder.

    Used for: CRT SS9900


  14. afbeeldingPOWERCRD 1038 PowerCord AE6891
    € 9,00

    12 Volt DC Power Cord.

    Used for: Albrecht AE6490 , AE6491 , AE6690 , AE6790 , AE6890 , AE6891  

  15. afbeeldingPOWERCRD 1039 PowerCord LINCOLN-2
    € 15,00

    12V DC Power Cord
    • Including Fuse Holder
    • Fuse F15A.

    Used for: President Lincoln-2

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