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  1. WINRADIO WR-ARP-ELAZ-100 250 pixels WinRadio WR-ARP-ELAZ-100 Antenna Rotator
    € 1.890,00

    Antenna Rotator
    • The WiNRADiO WR-ARP-ELAZ-100 rotator/positioner system is a versatile and robust system primarily developed for automated satellite tracking, but it may be useful in many other applications.

    For operation use: WR-RCU-100 Rotator Control Unit

  2. WINRADIO WR-RCU100 250 pixels WinRadio WR-RCU-100 Rotator Control Unit
    € 945,00

    Rotator Control Unit

    Use for: WR-ARP-ELAZ-100 Rotator/Positioner

Set Descending Direction

2 Items

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