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  1. afbeeldingCTE C1129 Midland MA25-M
    € 36,00

    Speaker/Microphone, Turnable Clip on Backside.
    Connector 2-Pin, L-Type Plug, Motorola Wiring.
    Packing Blister-1.

  2. afbeeldingPRES ACMS305 President/Stabo MIC RANDY-2 *DISCONTINUED
    Out of stock
    € 23,99

    Compact Micro, Micro only (no speaker).
    2.5 mm Stereo Jack Plug.

    Use for: President Randy-2P,Randy-2M, Stabo XH9006E, Jopix CB413.

  3. afbeeldingVER MH59A8J Vertex MH-59A8J DTMF Microphone
    € 82,00

    DTMF Microphone.
    Connector RJ45 (8P8C)


  4. afbeeldingYAE SSM10A Yaesu SSM-10A
    € 85,00

    Speaker/Microphone, IP57 Submersible.

    Yeasu SEP-10A is special Earphone to plug in to SSM-10A.
    Used for: FTA-550L, FTA-750L.


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4 Items

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