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    € 127,05

    Line Amplifier for Oasis,Oasis Truck,Panorama.

    Note: NOT to be used for model Horizon.

  2. afbeeldingGLOM 0007 Glomex REMOTE HORIZON
    € 30,00


    Used for: Glomex HORIZON.

  3. afbeeldingGLOM RA129_30 Glomex RA129/30 PIPE 30CM
    € 39,93

    Extension Pipe 30cm, 1x14 Thread, Aluminium Epoxy Coated.

  4. afbeeldingGLOM RA140 Glomex RA140 FEED THROUGH
    € 5,84

    Roof feed trough for cables with connectors.

  5. afbeeldingGLOM T170 Glomex T170 MOUNT
    € 35,10

    4 way ratchet mount UV resistant nylon + aluminium extension 30cm.

  6. afbeeldingGLOM T180 Glomex T180 MOUNT
    € 47,80

    Aluminium Telescopic Mount, Length 0,50 meter. Diameter 25mm

  7. afbeeldingGLOM T181 Glomex T181 MOUNT
    € 65,35

    Aluminium Telescopic Mount, 1,65 meter, Diameter 25mm.

  8. afbeeldingGLOM T197 Glomex T197 ADAPTOR
    € 15,75

    Cigarette Lighter Adapter, Input 12V or 24V DC, Output 12V DC, 300mA max

  9. afbeeldingGLOM T198 Glomex T198 ROOF MOUNT
    € 13,35

    Roof Mount Square, Bottom 15 x 15 cm, Color White.

  10. afbeeldingGLOM T199 Glomex T199 ROOF MOUNT
    € 10,20

    Adjustable Roofmount, Can make correction from 0 - 20 degrees.

    Use for: Glomex T480, T480TRUCK and Panorama.

  11. afbeeldingGLOM V9117 Glomex V9117 ADAPTOR
    € 26,50

    220V AC Adaptor European Plug, Switchable Voltage, 6 Different Output Connectors.

  12. afbeeldingGLOM V9147 Glomex V9147 SPLITTER
    € 20,00

    2-Way Splitter for TV

  13. afbeeldingGLOM V9174 Glomex V9174
    € 38,35

    Universal Stainless Steel Mount 1x14, Height 100mm, Electropolished.
    Packing Blister-1.

  14. afbeeldingV9114PI-FM Glomex V9114PI-FM INSERTER
    € 30,75

    12 VDC Power inserter for VT300 Avior and V9114 Vega antenna.
    One input with two independent outputs; one for TV and one for FM Radio.

Set Descending Direction

14 Items

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