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  1. afbeeldingCTE KIT165 Midland BHS300+BT312 *FS
    € 35,00

    Kit for the use of Transceivers, with 2-Pin Audio Accessory Connection, coupled with a Intercom Device. (like BT Next, BTX2, BTX1, BT City).
    Adapter Cable with PTT ( BHS300U ) + Adapter Lead for BT Intercom/Radio Connection ( BT312 ).

    BHS300U = Cable Set with PTT-Button to connect a Helmet Set to a Transceiver using 2-Pin (2.5mm / 3.5mm) Connector.
    BT312 = Cable to connect BT-unit to BHS300 or BHS301.
    This Cable needs to be combined with BHS300 or BHS301 Cable. One end 2.5mm Stereo Plug and other end 6-Pin Mini-DIN Male.

    Use for: PMR446 models G6, G6XT, G7, G8, G9 and others using 2-Pin (2.5mm / 3.5mm) Connector.

  2. afbeeldingCTE C1028 Midland SUBZERO SPORTEK *Final Stock
    € 63,00

    Subzero Sportek is very convenient, easy to use and guarantees excellent audio quality; the perfect solution for communicating and remaining in contact at all time with free hands, devoted to all those doing sports and activities involving movement.

    Can be connected and work with various different devices:
    • When connected to mobile telephones, acts as an earpiece to answer the telephone and listen to music.
    • When combined with the Midland G8E-BT PMR446 transceiver it extends communication to groups of people.
    • Combined with a Smartphone (like the iPhone, Blackberry and Droid).
    • Connected to a PC (with built-in Bluetooth), it allows for Skype telephone calls to be made in handsfree.

    Subzero Sportek is hard-wearing yet very flexible. Commands are ergonomic, positioned on the right-hand side of the device. It can be worn for hours at no discomfort.
    Packing Blister-1.

  3. afbeeldingCTE C928.10 Midland BT SKI ACTION SINGLE *FS
    Out of stock
    € 115,00

    ◾ Intercom for outdoor activity, SINGLE PACK.
    ◾ Headset system with two speakers and boom mike suitable for any ski helmet. Complete with velcro and bi-adhesive fixing systems.
    ◾ Earphone (mono) with boom mike suitable for sport acticvities such as biking or climbing etc. Can be used without helmet or with helmets for summer sports. Complete with velcro band and rotating clip.

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