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  1. afbeeldingRELAIS 0001 Relais GS-SH-212T
    € 8,50

    Relais DC12V, 8-Pins

    Used in: RM KL203P and others.

  2. afbeeldingRELAIS 0002 Relais BR-700E / RL-122
    € 6,00

    Relais Type BR-700E-0-8VDC + Resistor to modify President Harry-3 and Johnny-3.
    Purpose: Reduce the current at the timing of switching the relay.
    Check the link to to download the actual installation instructions.

    Used in: President Harry-3., President Johnny-3.

  3. afbeeldingRELAIS 0003 Relais KLV400
    € 30,00

    Relais DC12V, 10A/250VAC, 11-Pins

    Used in: RM KLV400.

  4. afbeeldingRELAIS 0005 Relais N4100CHS3DC12A
    € 9,00

    Relais DC12V, 3A/125VAC, 6-Pins

    Used in: Versions of Magnum S9.

Set Descending Direction

4 Items

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