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  1. afbeeldingCTE C1275 Midland DOG FETCH HARNESS *FS
    € 32,00

    Dog Mount.

  2. afbeeldingMIDL XTA108 Midland BM-XTC BOW MOUNT
    € 25,00

    Bow Mount, Screws into stabilizer bar.

  3. afbeeldingMIDL XTA106 Midland TM-XTC TREE MOUNT
    € 25,00

    Tree Mount, Screws into any tree branch or trunk

    € 15,00

    Mobile MicroSDHC Card, 8GB Memory.

  5. afbeeldingCTE R73161 Midland LATERAL SLIDE
    € 4,00

    Side Adapter to Transform any Screw Mount into a side attachment.
    Lateral Slide with Metallic Insert for XTC-Types.

  6. afbeeldingCTE C992 Midland XTA-102 HANDLE BAR MOUNT
    € 25,00

    Handlebar Mount, mounts to any handlebar.

  7. afbeeldingCTE C991 Midland XTA-104 HELMET STRAP MOUNT
    € 25,00

    Vented Helmet Strap Mount, Straps around any vented Helmet.

  8. afbeeldingCTE C990 Midland XTA-103 SURFACE MOUNT
    € 25,00

    Universal Mount, Sticks to any Helmet or any flat Surface.

  9. afbeeldingCTE C989 Midland XTA-105 GOGGLE MOUNT
    € 25,00

    Goggle Mount, Mounts on any standard Goggle Strap.

  10. afbeeldingCTE C980 Midland CMK-XTC SUCTION CUP MOUNT
    € 22,00

    Window Suction Cup Mount.
    Mounts to any windshield or smooth, flat non-porous surface.
    Allows you to turn, tilt and rotate your Extreme Action Camera 360 degrees.

  11. afbeeldingCTE C976.01 Midland CC-XTC280 SUBMERSIBLE CASE
    € 28,00

    Waterproof Case. Use for: : XTC-100, XTC-200, XTC-280, XTC285 (max Diving Depth 60 Meter).

  12. afbeeldingCTE C976 Midland CC-XTC SUBMERSIBLE CASE
    € 25,00

    Submersible Case, Protects the Action Camera from water up to 30 meter depth and from other substances, such as mud, rain and snow that can damage the unit.

  13. afbeeldingCTE C1247 Midland WPC-H5 WATERPROOF CASE
    € 23,00

    Submersible Case, up to 30 Meters.

    Use for: Midland H3, H5 Wifi Camera

  14. afbeeldingCTE C1246 Midland PB-H5 BATTERY PACK
    € 18,00

    Battery Pack, LI-Ion, 3.7 Volt, 900 mAh.

    Use for: Midland H3, H5 Wifi Camera

  15. afbeeldingCTE C1245 Midland ACC-H5 ACCESSORY SET *FS
    € 44,00

    Accessory Set for Midland H5.

    Use for: Midland H5 Wifi Camera


  16. afbeeldingCTE C1171 Midland XTC ANTI FOG INSERTS
    € 26,00

    Anti-Fog Inserts.
    Packing includes 18 Inserts and 1 Humi-Indicator.

  17. afbeeldingCTE C1115 Midland XTC CHEST MOUNT
    € 39,00

    Chest Mount, for use with all XTC Action Cameras.

  18. afbeeldingCTE C1066 Midland XTC RIFLE MOUNT *FS
    € 36,00

    This extremely versatile mount utilizes the front sling swivel to provide a unique first person point ofview to your video adventure.
    Use of the rifles sling is not inhibited by the installation of the XTC Action Camera Rifle Mount,allowing for added shooting stability.

  19. afbeeldingCTE C1064.01 Midland XTC RIFLE MOUNT
    € 43,00

    Universal Rifle Mount, for use with all XTC Action Cameras.

  20. afbeeldingCTE C1064 Midland XTC SHOT GUN MOUNT *FS
    Out of stock
    € 47,00

    Whether you are crushing clays or hunting upland fowl this XTC Action Camera mounting systemprovides the perfect platform catch the action.
    Designed to be used with both Over/Under andSide by Side 12 gauge shotguns the XTC Shotgun mount means versatility.

  21. afbeeldingCTE C1015 Midland BATT9L BATTERY PAXK XTC-200
    € 22,00

    Battery Pack, Li-Ion, Rechargeable, 3.7 Volt, 900mAh.

    Use for: Midland Action Camera XTC200.

  22. afbeeldingCTE C1012 Midland VM-XTC
    € 25,00

    Visor Mount or Cap Mount, Clips on any visor or Cap/hat.

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22 Items

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