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  1. afbeeldingK40 K40MMMAX K40 K40MMMAX
    € 40,00

    Mirror Mount, Stainless Steel Hardware mount with 3/8 x 24 Bee-Hive Stud Assembly for CB and 10/11 Meter Antennas.
    UHF-Female connector (SO-239) to connect coax cable.

  2. afbeeldingK40 K40MM K40 K40MM
    € 29,00

    Mirror Mount, Stainless Steel Hardware mount, Stud Mount 3/8 x 24
    UHF-Female connector (SO-239) to connect coax cable.
    Packing Blister-1.

  3. afbeeldingK40 M40W K40 M-40W
    € 36,00

    Magmount for K40, Colour White.


  4. afbeeldingK40 M40B K40 M-40B
    € 46,25

    Magmount for K40, Colour Black.

  5. afbeeldingK40 K4018PL K40 K4018PL *FS
    Out of stock
    € 33,00

    RG8X GRAY, 540cm (18ft), PL/PL.
    ◾ Coax Cable: RG8X, Coax with 85% shield, with GRAY Jacket.
    ◾ Length: 550 cm (18 Feet).
    ◾ Connectors: UHF-Male (PL-259) / UHF-Male (PL-259).
    ◾ Packing: Blister-1.

  6. K40 K390 Coax Assembly K40 K390 *FS
    Out of stock
    € 40,00

    Replacement Coax Assembly, 550 cm, RG-58A/U BLACK for K40 K40B Trunk Mount Antenna.

  7. afbeeldingK40 K403CBPP K40 K403CBPP
    € 20,00

    T3 Power Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug with 15-Amp Fuse.
    Used by Uniden, President and others in many types of CB Transceivers.
    Packing Blister-1.

  8. afbeeldingK40 K40MIC K40 K40MIC
    € 65,00

    Microphone CB, Handheld, Dynamic Type, Noise Canceling, Connector P4, Uniden/Cobra/Galaxy(USA)-wiring.
    Built Tough for the Rugged Demands of Todays Professional Driver.

  9. afbeeldingK40 K40MA K40 K40MA
    € 39,00

    The Microphone Assistant(TM).
    Retractable CB Mic Holder.
    Packing Blister-1.

  10. afbeeldingK40 W40W K40 W40W WEATHER CAP WHITE *FS
    Out of stock
    € 6,00

    K40 Weather Cap, White, 3,8 cm (1.5 inch) Diameter Cap with Metal Clamp Insert.
    Base of K40 Antenna from Weather When Antenna is Removed.
    Packing Bag-1.

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10 Items

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