Antenna Radio Mobile, AM/FM, Mirror Mount Kit, 77cm, Connector Motorola.

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Avera p/n AST VA308
Brand Astatic
Type Astatic VA308 *DISCONTINUED
Barcode Not Available
Category Discontinued Products
Sub Category Discontinued
Packing Length (cm) 102
Packing Width (cm) 16
Packing Heigth (cm) 4
Packing Weight in grams 470
Packing Type Blister-1
Packing QTY in Master Carton 6
Statistical Number 85291095
Origin United States of America
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The model VA307 combines a 31 antenna made to receive AM/FM radio signals with a mirror mount and 10 of RG58U cable with a PL-259 connector at the antenna side to a Motorola plug at the radio side.

VA308 - Same as VA307 with the exception of a B101ADLN for the mirror mount.


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