Transceiver PMR446/LPD Portable
• Color: MIMETIC
• Standard: IPX5
• Audio Accessory Jack: 2-Pin, STANDARD Wiring.

Substitute item(s): Midland G9-PRO.

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Brand Midland
Type Midland G9PLUS Mimetic *DISCONTINUED
Barcode 8011869199561
Category Discontinued Products
Sub Category Discontinued
Packing Length (cm) 25
Packing Width (cm) 16
Packing Heigth (cm) 6
Packing Weight in grams 755
Packing Type Box
Packing QTY in Master Carton 10
Statistical Number 85256000
Origin China
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• The new radio with GREAT performances.

• Midland G9 is a portable transceiver that thanks to its several particular functions, is the solution for the most demanding customers.

• October 2014 the G9 is replaced by G9Plus.
G9Plus has two new features.
Side Tone Function that eliminates the noise at the end of transmissions and improved audio quality to make communications more clear.

• Dual PTT key to choose a high or low output power. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to optimize the battery charge by transmitting with high power only when it is necessary.

• 12 cm Antenna To overuse the output power of the radio.

• Waterproof: IPX5 To use G9 in all atmospheric conditions and in all the extreme situations.

• Extremely rugged Its robust frame, ease of use and simple design mean that it is usable in any activity.

• Emergency function As for G8 model, Midland G9 has the Emergency button to transmit an SOS call during emergency and safety situations.

• Moreover, Midland G9 supply all the classic functions of a leisure device: Vox, Out of Range, CTCSS e DCS tones...

• Channels
...Dual Band: PMR446 8+16 pre-programmed/LPD 69
...PMR446: 8+16 pre-programmed
...Tones: 38 CTCSS + 104 DCS

• Dual PTT key for high or low output power
• Emergency function
• Splashproof
• Out of range function
• Vox Talk Back function
• VOX adjustable in 3 levels, the 4th is the Talk Back function
• VIBRACALL function
• Keypad lock
• Auto power save: automatic current economy circuit
• Discharged battery indicator
• Dual Watch function
• SCAN function
• CALL button with 5 tones selectable
• Monitor function
• Roger Beep: end transmission tone
• High/Low power selection
• LCD display with backlight
• Jack for ext. mike / speaker / battery pack recharge
• 2 Pin accessories jack
• Compatible wall charger: MW 904

 G7 FLEX = Recplacement Antenna plus Adapter.
 2 Way Radio Car Kit.
 EP21 = Earphone, action line, for listen only, connector 3.5 mm
 CTE C936.05 = SubZero Music White
 PB-ATL/G7 = Battery Pack.
 CTE KIT128 = 2PIN radio connection with PTT, It includes: BT312+BHS300
 CTE C981 = 12V Adaptor kit for desktop chargers.
 ALG7 = Car Adaptor/Charger Cable, 12 Volt Lighter Power Cord

 CLIP 0016 = Belt Clip.

G-9, G 9, G9, G9-Mimetic, G9 Mimetic, G9Mimetic, G9-Camo, G9 Camo, G9Camo, G9PlusCamo, G9PlusMimetic.

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