CHANNEL SELECTOR, Type Shafted Encoder, Green Housing, Brand Alpha, Marking 7C3, Shaft length 35mm. Used in Magnum S9 starting mid 2008.
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The Magnum S6 and S9 have always used shafted encoders.
The original encoder was BLUE coloured body.The GREEN coloured one is the latest ( starting early 2008) and will fit in the original radios.
You simply press the 2 leads on the front of the encoder towards each other, solder them together and then solder a buss wire onto the 2 solder leads so the buss wire goes thru the hold on the PCB.
You will find the new green bodied encoder far superior, the detent is much stiffer and has a better feel like a mechanical switch.

The main PCB, other PCBs and Components used in Magnum S9 have been changed during the years. Please make sure you get the correct item if you order one.

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