Is it possible to see the products before buying?
Answer: It is possible to visit our showroom. For opening hours please read "About Us".

How do I order products from Avera?
Answer: Please read "Order Information". 

If I make a bankers transfer in advance, how sure can i be to receive the product?
Answer: Before payment Avera will send an invoice. The moment we make an invoice we make a reservation for your products ordered. These goods will be waiting for your payment during 14 days. So if you pay within 14 days after receipt of the invoice you can be sure we have your order ready to ship.

How about the guarantee on your products sold?
Answer: Avera will give you the regular guarantee as promised by the manufacturer. For most products this will be 12-24 months. Ofcourse the regular disclosures are actual.

If I make a prepayment I would like to know "how reliable is Avera as a company"?
Answer: Avera is in this business since 1980. After all these years the founder is still the owner of the company. That is more reliable than most other companies in this business can tell.


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