Universal Talk-Back Board, Works in All-Modes.
Monitors your own transmission by sending the microphone audio to your radios speaker.
Features a talk-back volume control and independent audio amplifier.

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Price End user EU € 9.999,00 incl. VAT/BTW/TVA
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Avera p/n MAGN UTB1
Brand Magnum
Barcode Not Available
Category Discontinued Products
Sub Category Discontinued
Packing Length (cm) 18
Packing Width (cm) 15
Packing Heigth (cm) 4
Packing Weight in grams 55
Packing Type Bag
Packing QTY in Master Carton 10
Statistical Number 85256000
Origin United States of America
Attribute Label Not Available
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Installation of the UTB-1 requires modification of the radio circuitry.
Read carefully all instructions in package and user manual of radio

Some radios come with installed UTB2-X board. The UTB1 and UTB2 are interchangeable. The colour coding of the wires are exactly the same.

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