Motorola CLP446e

Transceiver PMR Portable
• Output Power: 0,5 Watt
• Channels: 8
• Codes: 219
• Designed for the retail and hospitality markets
• Audio Accessory Jack 1-Pin, 2.5 mm MOTOROLA Wiring (Type-MOTCLP)

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Avera p/n MOT CLP446
Brand Motorola
Type Motorola CLP446e
Barcode 5031753009618
Category MOTOROLA Products
Sub Category MOTOROLA PMR446
Packing Length (cm) 20
Packing Width (cm) 15
Packing Heigth (cm) 10
Packing Weight in grams 660
Packing Type Box
Packing QTY in Master Carton 6
Statistical Number 85256000
Origin Philippines
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• Audio Accessory Jack 1-Pin, 2.5 mm MOTOROLA Wiring (Type-MOTCLP)
This is 1-Pin Connector with kind of BNC coupling

CLP combines comfort, durability and simplicity in a sleek design.
Designed for the retail and hospitality markets, CLP446 operates on 8 channels with a choice of 219 codes for increased privacy and reduced interference.
This palm-sized device redefines the traditional two-way radio by including only essential elements. An embedded antenna gives it a sleek shape.
A large central push-to-talk button makes CLP easy to operate.
And a variety of accessories offers multiple wearing options.
CLP was designed with the user in mind, helping you communicate seamlessly and naturally in your business environment.

CLP446 is available in two models:
• Wired model in matt black finish that requires a wired earpiece.
• Bluetooth® model with gloss black finish is compatible with both wired and Bluetooth earpieces.

• Flexible choice of frequencies: Operates on 8 PMR446 channels.
• Radio Model: 8 channels
• Customer Programming Software: Customise radio settings via your PC.
• Battery versatility: Choose from standard or high capacity rechargeable Lithium-Iion batteries.
• Smart Status Glow: Colour indicates active channel, radio transmit & receive, scan and battery status.
• Voice Assisted Operation: Voice driven menu provides access to channel, monitor, scan and call tone.
• Long battery life: Rechargeable lithium ion batteries provide up to 14 hours of battery life (12 hours for Bluetooth model).
• Headset: Earpiece is required and provides discreet communications.
• Antimicrobial Protection: Helps to prevent the growth of mould and germs on the surface of the radio.

Performance Characteristics
• Coverage area: Up to 7, 400 m ² (80, 000 sq ft) / 6 floors
• Power: 0.5 Watt
• Frequency range: PMR446
• Battery life (based on a 05 05 90 duty cycle):
…9 -14 hours (wired model)
…8-12 hours (Bluetooth model)
• Standard battery chemistry type: Lithium Ion

Physical Characteristics
• Keypad: None
• Display: No Display
• Weight (with standard battery): 68 gram (2.38 oz)
• Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery): 88 x 50 x 19 mm (3.5 x 2.0 x 0.75 inches)

Radio Features
• Channel scan
• Monitor Permanent (Sticky) Monitor
• Digital Private Line: 84 std + 84 inverted + 6 custom
• Cloning: With cable, With multi-unit charger (MUC)
• Private Line: 39 std + 6 custom
• Number of channels: 8 channels
• CPS (Customer Programming Software)
• Signalling: PL and DPL
• Voice operated transmit (VOX)
• Channel spacing (kHz): 12.5

User Environment
• Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C (radio)
• Mil spec: 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G

• Standard package: Li-Ion battery, belt clip, earpiece, charger, user documentation
• Standard warranty: 1 year

• Manufacturers of PMR446 transceivers often claim a range of up to 10 kilometers, but this distance is theoretical and calculated under test conditions only.
• In a city the range will be no more than a few streets.
• In the countryside the range can be up to 500 meters.
• In completely open areas or on water, the range can be up to a few kilometers.

1 Pc of Transveiver
1 Pc of Battery Pack Li-Ion 1800 mAh (HKNN4013ASP01)
1 Pc of Battery Cover
1 Pc of Charging Stand (NNTN7880C)
1 Pc of Charger Adapter EU/UK (2501206001)
1 Pc of Belt Clip Holster (PMLN8065A)
1 Pc of Over-the-ear earpiece, 1-Pin (PMLN8078A)
1 Pc of User Manual in English and other languages

HKLN4529 = CLP Single Pin Short Cord Earpiece (Type-MOTCLP)
HKLN4602 = CLP Single Pin Non-Adjustable PTT Earpiece (Type-MOTCLP)
HKLN4603 = CLP Single Pin Surveillance Earpiece (Type-MOTCLP)
RLN6550 = Wireless Earpiece, Bluetooth Accessory Kit
PMLN6463 = Business Wireless Accessory Kit
HKNN4013 = CLP Series High Capacity Li-Ion Battery Kit
HKNN4014 = CLP Series Standard Li-Ion Battery Kit
HKLN4440 = CLP High Capacity Li-Ion Battery Door Kit
HKLN4441 = CLP Standard Li-Ion Battery Door Kit
HKLN4433 = CLP Series Magnetic Case Kit
HKLN4438 = CLP Series Swivel Belt Clip Holster
IXPN4029 = CLP Series Multi Unit Charger (MUC) Kit
IXPN4028 = CLP Series Single Unit Charger (SUC) Kit
HKLN4508 = Bluetooth Pod Charging Conversion Kit for CLP Multi Unit Chargers
HKKN4027 = CLP Series CPS Cable Kit
HKKN4028 = CLP Series Cloning Cable Kit


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