Uniden released new Firmware for SDS100E.
FW version 2.00.11 --> 2.01.03
   •Add support for SDS100E filter options in the latest firmware.
   •Add "Off" menu option for RF filters.
   •Fixed a bug that prevented selection of conventional systems by location.
Download here

Xmas = Peace. So put away your gun. How about putting it in this Vaultz Locking Handgun Case ?
These items are in our stock program because they are even more great to put your radio's in for protection/storage/travel. Available in metal/silver or camo color.
Check the links for detailed information.
Silver: https://www.avera.eu/vaultz-case-for-portable-radio-or-hand…
Camo: https://www.avera.eu/vaultz-case-for-portable-radio-or-hand…


2018-10-16 Uniden released the Sentinel software version for Uniden SDS100E
Link to download Sentinel via Uniden websitehttp://www.uniden.co.jp/english/product/Scanners/uehp_sds100e.html

2017-11-17 Uniden released new firmware for the Uniden-Bearcat UBCD3600XLT
Click here to find the software Version V1.02.00 and the document about the procedure for upgrading the firmware of your UBCD3600XLT.

2017-11-16 Since some time we offer from stock many TECSUN radio receivers.
These are a valuable add-on to our and yours sales program of Uniden scanners 
TECSUN radio's are great for those who want to listen to broadcast stations all over the world.
Check our website for available Tecsun types here.

2017-11-10 News from CRT. There is new setup software for SS900, Version 2.02.
To download, please click here.
2017-11-10 News from AOR. There is new firmware released for AR-DV1, version v1710C.
Find out where to download the new firmware and read the release notes here.

2017-04-13 Avera participated in the trade show "MAINTENANCE NEXT" in Rotterdam.
We showed GearKeeper solutions for tethering tools when working at heights.
Photos of the event can be found on our Facebook page.
We thank all new and all existing customers for visiting our booth.
 2016-11-18  New avera website launched with Magento


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