Plegium Smart Mini Defence Spray PINK

Smart Mini Defence Spray 3-in-1
Menthol spray with red & UV dye
Location text messages
Phone call alerts
Magnetic keychain
Battery life: 2 years
Color: PINK
Packing: Box-1

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Avera p/n PLEG SDSM-PI
Brand Plegium
Type Plegium Smart Mini Defence Spray PINK
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Category PLEGIUM Products
Sub Category PLEGIUM Smart Pepper Sprays
Packing Length (cm) 13
Packing Width (cm) 7
Packing Heigth (cm) 4
Packing Weight in grams 143
Packing Type Box
Packing QTY in Master Carton 10
Statistical Number 84248970
Origin Sweden
Attribute Label Not Available
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Plegium Smart Mini Defense Spray 3-in-1 is a legal and effective menthol spray with red color and UV marking that sends free automatic location SMS and phone calls to your emergency contacts.

• Defense spray with menthol
All defense sprays from Plegium contain a liquid based on highly concentrated menthol, which is a legal and effective alternative to pepper spray. Menthol is a strong eye irritant and temporarily blinding. The defense spray also contains a red dye and UV dye that marks the perpetrator and is very difficult to wash off, which facilitates identification. All Plegium defense sprays have a range of 3 meters and last up to 10 seconds of continuous spraying.

• Position SMS & call
Plegium are the only defense sprays in the world that automatically send SMS with your GPS coordinates and call your relatives when you fire the spray, so you can get help faster. The spray automatically pairs via Bluetooth to your mobile using the Plegium app. Since the map position is sent by real SMS, you don't have to bother your emergency contacts with downloading the app themselves. The Plegium app is available to download for free for both iOS and Android - there is no monthly fee, and we cover the cost of all SMS and phone calls.

• Magnetic key chain
Our unique magnetically detachable key chain allows the spray to be released with one hand. Hang your Plegium defense spray on your key ring or in a compartment on the inside of your bag - so you know where you have it. If you need to use the spray, just pull it off – the key chain splits so you can quickly get the spray.

1 Pc of Smart Mini Defence Spray



Everyone has the right to feel safe!
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