RM KL503

Amplifier Mobile, 20 - 30 MHz, Including Pre-Amplfier
• Supply Voltage: 12 - 14 VDC
• Modes:  AM/FM/SSB/CW
• Input: 1 - 6 Watts AM/FM; 2 - 12 Watts SSB/CW
• Output: 250 Watts Max AM/FM; 450 Watts Max SSB/CW.

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Avera p/n RM KL503
Brand RM
Type RM KL503
Barcode Not Available
Category RM ITALY Products
Sub Category RM CB Amplifiers Mobile
Packing Length (cm) 32
Packing Width (cm) 22
Packing Heigth (cm) 10
Packing Weight in grams 2010
Packing Type Box
Packing QTY in Master Carton 8
Statistical Number 85437030
Origin Italy
More information Servicedocs.com

• Electronic switch
• Inversion polarity protection
• Frequency: 20 - 30 MHz (Europe)
• Supply: 12-14 VDC
• Input energy/power: 12-30 Ampere
• Input power: 1-6 Watt
• Input power: SSB 2 - 12 Watt
• Output power: 250 Watt Max
• Output power: SSB 450 Watt PEP Max
• Output Selector with 6 Positions/Steps
• Mode: AM-FM-SSB-CW
• Fuse: 3 x 10 Ampere
• Output power level: 6
• Size: 170x295x62 mm
• Weight: 1.5 Kg.
• Antenna preamplifier: 26 dB

1 Pc of Amplifier
1 Pc user Manual English, italian

NOTE: This device has a terminal to connect a power cable.
So not a fixed power cable and no power cable included in the giftbox.
To prevent damage to your installation, make sure to use power leads from good quality, sufficient mm2 and not too long.

RM 0001= Power connector
RM RM3 = RF Transistor used in some productions
RM RM4 = Transistor, Driver

KL-503, KL 503, RMKL503, KL503

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