Transceivers CB / 10M USA *NOT FOR SALE IN EUROPE*

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  1. afbeeldingBEARCAT980 Bearcat 980SSB
    € 255,00

    Transceiver CB Mobile, AM/SSB, 4W/12W, for USA

  2. President JFK-2 A+ Transceiver USA pixels 250 President JFK-2 A+ (USA-Model) *FS
    € 259,00

    Transceiver 10 Meter Mobile
    Frequency Range: 28.315 - 28.755 MHz
    Modulation Modes: AM / FM
    Carrier Power: 15 Watt AM (50 Watt PEP / 15 Watt FM
    Microphone: Electret Type, 6-Pin with President Wiring


  3. Galaxy DX99V2 Transceiver pixels 250 Galaxy DX99V2
    Out of stock
    € 529,00

    Transceiver 10M Mobile, AM/FM/SSB

  4. afbeeldingRCI69FFB4 Ranger RCI69FFB4
    € 1.095,00

    Photo shows RCI69FFC2, that is a 200W Chrome Version in stead of 400W Black Version.

    HAM Transceiver for 10 Meter Band, 28.245 - 29.655 MHz, AM/FM/SSB, Output Power 200 Watts RMS CW/AM/FM and 400 Watts SSB (PEP).
    High Sensitivity Receiver Design, Echo &Talk/Back, Variable RF Power Output, Built-in Frequency Counter, Blue LED Display, Multifunction Panel Meter, Heavy Duty Chrome Heat Sink, Fully Chromed Housing and Face.
    Dynamic Microphone, 4-Pin.

  5. afbeeldingRCI2970N2 Ranger RCI2970N2
    Out of stock
    € 699,00

    Transceiver 10M Mobile

  6. afbeeldingRCI2950DX3 Ranger RCI2950CD
    € 520,00

    Transceiver CB/10M Mobile.

  7. Ranger RCI2995DXCF Transceiver CB Pixels 250 Ranger RCI-2995DXCF
    Out of stock
    € 1.263,00

    Transceiver CB/10M Base, Version CF has Factory installed Cooling Fan

  8. Stryker SR-955HPC Transceiver pixels 250 Stryker SR-955HPC
    € 687,00

    Transceiver 10M Mobile
    Output Power 60 watt PEP

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